Saturday, June 16, 2007

Marina South Outing

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, June 16, 2007
Our new maid from Philippines has joined us yesterday (15 June 2007) and it marks the start of a huge change in our lives as CT and I never had a full time maid before and it is really a huge adjustment for us as we enjoy your privacy and just the night before she came, we were quite sad that we wont have our freedom anymore. Haha..we sounded really sad. I am one person who is against the idea of relying on someone as I much like to live with CT independently doing our own household chores, cooking,washing etc..However, we needed one to look after me after I give birth as well as to take care of baby Caleb when I go back to work. So, it came to a point where there isnt much of a choice.

My mother-in-law's legs are not very good and she has indicated that she is unable to take care of the baby while my mum has to take care of my dad. So anyway, for the past few weeks, CT and I have been really pouring out heart and soul to God about this maid issue as we hear too many maid horror stories about what they can do and how much problems they can bring. So, we prayed really hard every night for a reliable and good maid.

I have to say now that so far, she has been a really great help. She not only knows how to cook Chinese food- steam fish, fry kailan, cook soup, fried chicken etc..she is also one who takes initiative to do a lot of other things which I really appreciate. She has kept my house really clean and orderly which I appreciate as I,myself love to keep my things orderly and neat.

She is also always smiling. Her name is Vicky and she is 36 years old. She has worked in Singapore for 10 years already with a previous employer whom she served from the time the employer had 1 kid (1 month old) to now, 4 kids and the eldest is now secondary 3 already. So, she has lots of experiences taking care of newborns and children. So, she has been sharing with CT and I on what is to come and how we should prepare ourselves mentally.

She is also a Christian for 15 years and was brought to Christ in Philippines by her best friends. So, I am really thankful to God for bringing her into our lives and blessing us with her service and expertise.

Yesterday, brought her to mother-in-law's place for dinner and tonight, we went to Marina South to join our bible study group outing for bowling and steamboat BBQ. I brought her along to introduce her to another Filipino maid whom my friend brought and Vicky was so excited when she saw her and came to ask us permission if she could talk to her. So interesting...

After bowling session, the group stayed on to play one more game while CT,Vicky and I went to walk in the park. Think it is actually close but we ignored the sign and went into the park to see the whole bay area..quite serene..

Can see the "Singapore Flyer" Ferriswheel on the right hand side of the photo and the new location for our National Day Parade on the left hand side. The weather has been rather cloudy but nice cos it is quite cooling.

After the walk, we worked our appetites and had a great dinner-buffet steamboat and BBQ for only $12 per person. Very worth it I must say. However, 3 of use-CT, Vicky and I were the first 3 to surrender as the rest of the group kept eating..haha..Looks like our stomachs have became much smaller.


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