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Posted by Dawn at Monday, July 02, 2007
Now that my tummy is getting bigger and walking becomes really uncomfortable, weekends are spent at home watching movies, playing computer, reading and just resting. On friday, I spent my birthday vouchers which Marianne and my colleagues gave me. Marianne gave me $60 Isetan voucher while my colleagues gave me $70 capitalmall vouchers. So, I went to Tampines Mall to spend it and not many can guess what I bought with $130 worth of vouchers.

Here is the rough list of what I spent on:

1) Super Single bedsheet set for my helper's bed- bedsheet, pillowcase and bolster case($12)
2) King size full bedsheet set for my bed-quilt cover, bedsheet, pillowcase, bolster case ($55)
3) 3 Bathroom mat towels- Buy 2 get 1 free ($7 each)
4) One more set of 10 of cloth diapers ($20)
5) One week's supply of groceries in NTUC fairprice supermarket ($50)

So, which of the following items are really for me?? hmmm.. I told CT that if I really use my $130 vouchers to buy what I really want, I would get a watch because I love watches...but then I told CT that it will be meaningless buying one watch and wasting all the $130 like that. So, I guessed spending what I did with my vouchers is more meaningful and practical.

Vicky has been doing all the cooking and I havent lifted my finger at all. Like what CT's colleague said," The only work you will do is lift up your leg for her to clean the floor." true. There are however 1 or 2 dishes so far which I told Vicky how to prepare it and she would just do it without much guidance.

Here are our weekend meals..

fried fish, spinach with garlic, egg with chai por

As well as this for dinner...

fried chicken, dou miao with garlic and old cucumber soup with pork ribs

Before I had Vicky, I never fried anything in my kitchen because it would make my kitchen oily. But I am really glad to have fried food once a while in my meal now since she would always keep the kitchen spick and span after cooking.


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