Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bloody scare...

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, July 26, 2007
Everyday seems like kind of routined already. Wake up almost 3 times in the morning to express my milk (12 midnight, 3am, 6am). Then I will try to get some more sleep before officially waking up at about 7 plus am or 8am. After that, I have my breakfast, then watch Channel News Asia while waiting for Caleb to wake up for his feeding.

Caleb usually bathes either just before lunch or after lunch. Then he would drink his milk before he goes to sleep for another 3 hours.I would usually spend my time reading, watching TV or on the internet while Caleb is asleep. Today, Marianne and my god-daughter Phoebe dropped by to see Caleb. Phoebe was so busy running around trying to amuse Caleb by grabbing things for Caleb to play. When Caleb is sleeping, she would try to touch him. Really interesting.

CT usually comes home from work close to 6pm as he leaves the house very early-at about 545am. Tonight, just before dinner, I was carrying Caleb and felt uncontrollable flow of fluid coming out from me. I immediately asked CT to carry the baby whie I go toilet. But it was too late as I saw a gush of blood running down my legs and dripping all over my dining room floor. I was scared. I quickly ran to the bathroom and washed off but the blood just kept flowing continuously and heavily. I was very frightened as I saw the amount which flowed out and how it just came coming down. I quickly asked CT to call my gynae and she told me to go down to A & E at East Shore Hospital to meet her and do a check on me.

I quickly grabbed my wallet and towel and off I went as CT drove me to the hospital. I felt weak especially when I lost so much blood suddenly and was wheeled to a room and laid on the bed in the hospital while the gynae came to check.The gynae gave me an IV jab and some medicine to bring home to take.

Well, it was actually nothing much. Its just that after giving birth, there are blood clots and blood in the uterus that needs to be discharged and it seems that the blood clot prevents the blood from flowing out normally and so when the clot suddenly discharges, a gush of blood just flows down, as if a plug has been released.

After knowing all these, I felt silly rushing down to the hospital and paid about $300 on this very night all for nothing. When I told my mum the next day what happened, she said I should have asked her and she would have told me it was nothing. Sigh...


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