Friday, July 20, 2007


Posted by Dawn at Friday, July 20, 2007
After 3 nights in the hospital, I was all ready to go home. This morning, the nurse came in at 6:30am to take away my cathetar so that I can try peeing on my own. And I was so glad I did, if not I would have to stay another night in the hospital which would drive me mad.

What I miss at home:
1) My cable TV with my favourite channels
2) My computer with my games, email, and blog
3) The comfort of my King size bed
4) The space
5) Fresh air ,rather than the stifling, stale air-condition air that is on 24 hrs in the hospital

I remember someone told me before that even if they stay in 1st class ward with a huge room, after a while, the room is only like a prison. How true...

However, at about 10 am plus, the nursery nurse came and told me that baby Caleb cannot leave because he still has jaundice. She also asked if I would be staying with him. Of course I said, no since I cant wait to be home and moreover, at least I can get some rest at home and get prepared for baby Caleb's arrival to the house. I also thought I could visit him anytime I want.

So, I went off from the hospital at about 11am. Made my way to my mum's place to collect my lunch. She cooked for CT, Vicky and myself lunch. Got a huge pot of pig trotters vinegar and chicken rice wine which my mum already prepared one month ago. These are my favourite confinement food and I was really happy I can finally eat lots of it!

After lunch, I rested. Close to evening time, I received a call from my students in my form class who told me that they are at the hospital but realised I was discharged already. So, they asked if they could come to my house to visit me. I was rather touched and invited them over. They came and brought me food from Bengawan Solo. I then showed them Baby Caleb's photos and video clips. My class chairman even printed out baby Caleb's photo and showed them to the whole class. I was quite puzzled how he manage to get hold of Caleb's picture so fast. He said that he got it from my friend's website and printed it out. Haha.. How resourceful.

After that, they stayed on and played "Life" boardgame as I watched TV.

Anyway, I was really touched that they came to visit me and I do miss my class. They even added on to tell me to teach my lesson through web cam at home. creative.

I guess right now, the huge adjustment for me is to think of how best to take care of Caleb. I know and am prepared for tough times ahead-waking up every 2-3 hours to feed him is probably a huge obstacle I have to face as I do value uninterrupted sleep.

But at the same time, I know God will give me the strength and love to do so and overcome whatever obstacles I might face and to be able to experience a wonderful journey as a parent as I bring baby Caleb up.


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