Sunday, July 22, 2007

Caleb discharged

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, July 22, 2007

Caleb is finally discharged today after staying extra 2 nights in the hospital because of jaundice. It was a rainy day when we brought him home and he was snuggly wrapped out in a towel as I carried him home.

We wanted to introduce him to the different rooms in our house and welcome him to his new house but he was sound asleep when we reached home. Oh well..

Just before we brought him back from the hospital, he was receiving his dosage of phototherapy treatment for jaundice. Love the blue light. Just like the "too fast too furious" kind of cars...

Back home, its unlike hospital where there is aircon 24 hours. So, we dressed him up like this for him to sleep..haha.

For me, my schedule for Caleb is to feed him every 3 hours and not on demand. Reason is for him to get use to a schedule just like adults where we have a rather fix lunch time or fix dinner time. With this schedule, we hope that he will be 'trained' to sleep at night without waking up when he gets few months older. That is what I learnt from the book. I must say its tiring because 3 hours pass so fast and before I know it, I have to feed him which requires quite a bit of effort since I am breastfeeding. Sometimes, he would just fall asleep while I feed him, then I will grow so tired that I just feed my breastmilk in a bottle so that I can rest and CT can take over.

This is the sleepy Caleb lying on our bed...

Check out his oversized shorts

After dinner, we sponged bath him so that he can be comfortable and clean which hopefully help him sleep better. Here is Caleb trying to turn to his side. He loves to sleep on his side by the way.

After that, we dressed him up in his pyjamas which again is oversized because Caleb is just too small...But it looks really cute and nice on him.

After the night feeding, he was awake and CT decided to now introduce him to the house. So he brought Caleb to our study room, living room etc etc and it was quite amusing to see CT talk to Caleb and to see Caleb's wierd expression on his face with his big eyes staring around.

After that, we put him to bed...and the night was still young for me as I woke up every 3 hours at night. (12 midnight, 3 am, 6am) Yawn..a very long night indeed.


Sher on Sunday, July 22, 2007 said...

hey good luck with the schedule! hope baby continues to obediently co-operate.

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