Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Spread of confinement food

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Eversince I gave birth to Caleb, I have been having ginger in all my meals. Before I was pregnant, I always tell people that I love confinement food e.g pig trotters vinegar and the fermented chicken rice wine. I really do enjoy eating it but now that only one week has passed, I am getting rather sick of eating it.

Below is a confinement food I have for breakfast once in a while- mee sua soup with kidney cooked with chicken bones as stock. Its quite yummy especially after adding the ikan billis.

I have my pig trotters and chicken rice wine in almost all my meals that at the sight of it, I reject it and tell Vicky not to heat it up for me. I have to admit, I am now sick of ginger and sesame oil which its a must-haves for confinement food. The picture below is a spread of food with chicken rice wine, papaya fish soup, red residue chicken etc..

I have to say that everyone has their own theories and it can be rather confusing and tiring to listen to everyone especially when they mean a lot to you. For example, my mum and mum-in-law always add ginger and sesame oil in the cooking of my confinement food and when I visit my gynae or pediatrician, they tell me to stay away from ginger and sesame oil since I am breastfeeding. When I ask the breastfeeding nurse in hospital what to abstain, she says, "Oh, can eat anything but DOM". DOM is actually wine. And guess what? My mum-in-law gave me one bottle of DOM, my brother says he bought one bottle of DOM for me from the airport, and my parent's neighbour also bought me one bottle of DOM!

I just have one thing to say- it is not easy carrying a child for 9 months, but it is even more difficult after giving birth to the child as everything seems so overwhelming-having to be diplomatic and try to listen and act upon everyone's different theories, as well as trying to cope with all the hormones acting in your body.

Any husbands or guys who will in turn be husbands in future, pls be more understanding towards your wife during the 9 months of pregnancy as well as after that. The reasons are goes:

1)She has to recover from episiotomy(surgical incision) stitches she might be given during the childbirth which causes pain when walking or peeing
2)take care of the baby 24 hours
3)thinking whether the baby has enough to eat
4)dealing with the hormonal changes like hair drop
5)coping with the squeezing out of heavy blood flow from the uterus (known as lochia)
6)dealing with her self-confidence especially when she sees her tummy still quite big and moreover, loose and wrinkled
7)Lack of sleep
8)deal with breast changes which make them really uncomfortable and lastly,
9)Worrying about her husband

With all these changes taking place, sometimes I really wonder what it is like to be or feel normal again.I seem to have forgotten.

These arent complains by the way. It is just to highlight it to soon-to-be mums as well as husbands to be more understanding and at the same time, for me to reminded of what I am going through to prepare me when I have my next child. :)


Sher on Friday, July 27, 2007 said...

ur thinking about next child!?
just politely accept all advice etc, do what you think is right and have faith tt it's the best for caleb. i'm sure ur doing tt already.

dot on Friday, July 27, 2007 said...

hi, i'm a mum-to-be due in nov; thank you for this post so that I can prepare myself. I know it will not be easy but I hope I can cope. I'll be making my hubby read this post too! from your posts, you sound like you're adjusting well and enjoying caleb, which is great.

Sandra on Monday, July 30, 2007 said...

Yesterday, I asked my mum to stop cooking my meals with ginger because my poor baby has had jaundice for the past 8 days since the 21st. :( Funny thing is my mum is sick of cooking confinement food already! heehee

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