Saturday, July 14, 2007

Family dinner

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, July 14, 2007
Tonight, went for a family dinner at our usual restaurant in Tiong Bahru Seng Poh Lane, called "Por Kee". We always go there for our Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner and tonight, was very surprised that though it wasn't anywhere close to Chinese New Year, the restaurant was still quite crowded.

We had a 9-course dinner which of course included the all-time favourite coffee pork ribs. I also enjoyed the deep fried cereal prawns as I tried to resist the temptation of eating the whole prawn with head and shell as I know its not very healthy. The last dish was "Or-ni"-the yam dessert with gingko nuts which definitely filled up my stomach.

There was a family dinner because my cousin,Shermaine (check out her blog entry about tonight's dinner which is a definitely more descriptive given her journalism background) and her husband, together with 2 of their kids just came back from Australia after her husband went there to further his studies. Also, my very close French grand aunt who migrated to NZ came down to Singapore after her trip to France. So, it was a good time to gather as she will be leaving Singapore this Tues.

A place where there is a gathering of people, kids and food, how can I not bring my camera right?

Here is a picture of my sister-in-law, Pamela sharing a mother and daughter moment together. Aw...

And here is Janine standing tall...with her ever sweet smile.

Then there is my cousin's kids- David and Jody. I did not manage to take David but got a great picture of Jody who was busy feeding and stuffing herself with food. Hehe..

Jody to the rescue when we can't finish our food. Hehe...just kidding. She will be the next successor to my brother's throne as my brother used to help our family finish up all the food but he wasnt there tonight because he went to Thailand with his Meridian JC choir group for a competition.

During our conversation over dinner, we were saying how our next family dinner would have to sit seperately in 2 tables because me and my other cousin is pregnant. There will be lots more kids...Last night was already so fun as they amused us a lot. I can't wait for Caleb to be out and joining the rest to play together. :)


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