Monday, July 02, 2007

Farewell Esther

Posted by Dawn at Monday, July 02, 2007
Last Saturday (30 Jun 2007), my close friend, Esther left Singapore to go USA for good because her husband is there. I have known her probably for about 8 years plus since I served in church. She has been the most bubbly, friendly and helpful person I have ever met. One who would take the trouble to do "out of this world" stuff for you..the kind who would go through mountains and seas for you.

When my husband, CT and I were in US for almost a year, she actually flew all the way from Singapore to see us and stay with us. We even went on a roadtrip to Arkansas together when she came over. And during this Arkansas trip, that was how God brought Esther and her husband together.
Well, Esther used to be in Arkansas for quite some time many many years ago and knew this guy Jeff. They just kept in touch as friends. But just 2 years ago when Esther visited CT and I, we went Arkansas so that she can bring us around and that was the time she met up with Jeff again and that was how sparks flew and then, marriage! haha..

So, both of them are quite thankful to CT and I for being a part of God's plan in bringing them together.

Esther is also one who would drive all the way to my house, Punggol to go to her church which is only 5 mins drive from her house in Bedok. That took place when CT was in US for business trip and I think we didnt have car then or something like that. She would really go to such extend to help people even though in my mind, it is really inconvenient for her. She would also make lasagna and then bring it all the way to my place for me.

Even on the day when CT and I were to go airport to US for almost a year, she would offer to pick us up in our house at 4 plus am and ferry us to the airport and send us off.She also helped take care of my house when we were away and my plants...
I would always remember her for her love with action and her high efficiency in getting things done.
She has really thought me a lot about service and having God's love in her all the time.

So last Saturday, CT and I went to the airport at 5 plus am to send her off.

Esther is the one in the middle. The couple on the right is also my ex-church friends. And guess what? Take a look..

What is the dog doing in the airport? Well, this is Spottie. She is Esther's dog and will be flying with her to US. How cool, right? She was so terrified and confused that we could all hold her without much reaction from her. Usually, she would bark or growl at us a little, but not that day as she was shaken and scared.

Esther flew by United Airlines and this airlines allow pets to be onboard. Really neat cos unlike SIA where its a no-pet policy. So, thanks to United Airlines, Spottie can sit with Esther throughout....

Bye Esther. Miss you!


Hebrew_Star on Saturday, July 07, 2007 said...

Hi dear, Thanks for the sweet words... Love you 2 a lot also!! God has been great and I am glad to have shared this part of God's plan in my life with you and that you were instrumental in it as well. Lots of pics when the baby is born hor? :o) Spottie is doing good and has "recovered" from jet lag and has a beef fetish! She only wants to eat BEEF!!! *faints* Anyhoos, my blog has been brought back to life. :o)

Dawn Ling on Saturday, July 07, 2007 said...

Good that you and spottie arrived safely. Keep in touch! :)

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