Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beautiful sunset sky...

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, July 12, 2007
Tonight, as usual, I looked forward to what Vicky has for us on our dinner table. I know I have been putting up a lot of her food up. Reason is so that I would remember and give thanks for all the yummy food she has prepared and remind myself how blessed I am. Another reason is that in future when she is not around anymore, I can at least remember all these dishes and cook like how she did.

Ok, so here is tonight's dinner...

She cooked kailan with carrots, fried lemon chicken and this soup which really tastes like those Japanese udon noodles soup broth. She added silken tofu, minced meat ball, carrots and mushrooms. I quite enjoyed the soup since it was my first time drinking.

Here are the closeups..

This is the lemon chicken

And this is the soup..

After dinner, CT and I usually watches TV. And now the show we follow during weekdays is "Xue Shan Fei Hu". This is another series by the same author (Jin Yong) as "The Legend of Condor Heroes" (Shen diao xia nu). I love his stories and shows as it is very interesting and exciting. He is really someone with great imagination. CT who is now reading the "Legend of Condor Heroes" Chinese book tells me that the book is much more exciting as it is very detailed and the language is very descriptive. I cannot understand that because when I flipped open the book, my mind switched off already because the whole book is in traditional Chinese. A few words can read but most, cannot make it. So how exciting can that be as compared to the television where I see the action being shown.

But anyway, I am now reading "Xue Shan fei hu" book which I borrowed from my school library. Its in modern not that bad. I borrowed it to also read during my maternity or in hospital.Hehe..

Anyway, back to the stuff we do after dinner. We were watching TV after dinner and just enjoying our peaceful lives before the baby is born...when I turned my head and noticed how beautiful the sky was from our living room.

Take a look!

The whole sky was painted pink, purplish, orange..

I asked CT if he ever saw this kind of sky when he used to stay in Simei. Then he say even if there was, he would not have noticed. He only notices when I am around. Then, I started to realise that yea, I am the kind who tend to stop my whole life events just to appreciate and admire such creation. Sometimes when I take a walk with CT to some place or while driving, I would always point out to CT the many wonderful flowers growing on the tree and also the different shades of green.

I remember this week when my helper, Vicky went with me to the Gynae at Bedok Interchange and saw this tree with many pink flowers. Then I stopped and pointed out to Vicky and said," Wow..isnt that nice?" Hehe..

I always enjoy my drive along TPE towards SLE area where the trees are so developed and has so many kinds of species that I am amazed at the number of plants and trees we have in Singapore that looks really good.

Anyway, the sky grew dark quite fast and it only takes a bit of time off to just stop and appreciate...

Would you in future just slow down your lives a little and be thankful of what we have in Singapore or how wonderful God's creation is? There must be a God to create such wonders..

Or does it take a holiday trip to some exotic place for you to have time to stop and appreciate?

I remember attending one seminar during my June holidays about this lecturer telling us that most Singaporeans are like chickens-always looking down and rushing around like pecking on the ground for food. They never know what colour the sky is because they are just so busy with work and walk around so fast, rushing in and out the MRT trains.

How true when I do notice that especially in the city area... Let's in turn strive to be like eagles, soaring effortlessly in the sky and enjoying the bird's eye view and beauty of our surroundings.


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