Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting bored already

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, July 19, 2007
Last night's rest was not a very good as I woke up at 4 am plus and couldn't sleep already. So, I went to the toilet on my own for the first time and washed up as well as bathed. Well, I have already broken the first rule of "DO NOTs" after giving birth already as the first day, I already started taking a shower.

I had difficulty walking as the stitches in my cervix area has not healed yet as well as the tummy feels kind of wierd and heavy. Moreover, I still have my pelvic pain as the hormones have not yet disappeared.

Anyway, after bathing and washing up, I went back and read my bible as well as breastfeeding books. At about 7 am, then I would switch on the TV to Channel News Asia or CNN for the morning news and it showed the Brazil Aeroplane Crash as the breaking news. So, that kept me glued to CNN.

In the morning, my uncle and aunt came to visit me. My uncle who is retired and my aunt who is not working today because she has a band concert rehearsal later on at VCH. Baby Caleb was with me when they came. So it was good that they could see him face to face.

Initially, I thought I could be discharged today because initially, I opted for 2 days stay in hospital only and since I admit into hospital before 12 midnight, it was considered as one day already. So by right, supposed to check out this afternoon. But, my gynae came and told me that I need one more day to get my swelling down so that I can pee. If not, I will still not be able to pee on my own. I was of course disappointed because just one night alone in the hospital made me feel so bored and I hate being uncomfortable and bored.

Anyway, after lunch, Marianne, Phoebe and Marianne's mum came to visit. Phoebe has been rather excited to come visit me and see baby. She kept wanting to carry him.

Check out his little tiny feet...

Baby Caleb is on partial formula and partial breastmilk because baby is born small and my breastmilk production will only come in more on the 3rd day, so need to supplement him with formula milk.

Marianne took some nice pictures of Caleb. Here they are...

And a picture of the Goh Family...

Marianne came and bought for me donuts as well as a cooking book for babies and children. Thanks Marianne!

After that, my brother came at about 4pm from his school (MJC).

Shortly later, my brother rushed off to pick Pamela up.

My parents came at about 5 plus and my mum started feeding baby Caleb..
Then, my relatives came at about 7 pm- My other uncle and auntie, and my 2 cousins- Wei Ee (who is expecting) and Shermaine (who has 2 kids already)-Click on the link to her blog as she has a very interesting description of baby Caleb which tickled me and CT.
With so many visitors today, I couldnt really sleep at night. So I stayed up to watch my TV till 11 pm. I wanted to sleep later so that I wouldnt have to wake up so early in the morning the next day.

CT stayed with me till everyone has left and when he reached home, ate his dinner and finish his computer stuff, he called me and we prayed together over the phone before we both turned in for the night.

We were praying that I would be discharge tomorrow afternoon as I told him that I really wanted to go home. One more night in the hospital could make me go mad.


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