Monday, July 16, 2007

Admit to hospital

Posted by Dawn at Monday, July 16, 2007
Went for gynae check up today right after school and the gynae say the baby is still growing very slowly. So she suggested admitting me into hospital tomorrow to deliver my baby as she thinks the baby will get more nutrients once he is out from breastfeeding, rather than stay inside.
I was shocked when she said that as I was totally unprepared when she said, tomorrow!! The Gynae then checked whether I have dilated or not and said I am 3 cm dilated already. Wow..I cant believe that all this is happening..But on the other hand, I am thinking-wow..faster good. Then no need to feel so heavy and clumsy already. Really mixed feelings.

This is a picture taken when I was 35 weeks. Effects placed to distort picture was done intentionally...

CT was actually grabbing and holding my tummy, just in case some of you cant tell what is that huge thing he is putting his hands on.

Anyway, I am back home now after the gynae visit and feeling really excited and yet a little scared of what is to come tomorrow. It will def be a new and uncertain experience. What kind of pain I will feel? Will I go through a C-section? What is delivery all about-what will happen?

Whatever my feelings are-good and bad, I am glad and am assured that not only CT will be with me, but God will be too. I guess with such arrangement, it makes me more prepared to pack my bag and thus, comfortably admit myself into hospital instead of having to go through some sort of "drama" to be admitted into it.

Can I say one more time that I can't believe this is happening...? hehe... I think CT is also trying hard to accept this fact.

I will be back, updating my blog once I come back from hospital with CT and baby Caleb...byeee


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