Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Beautifully Imperfect

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Just recently, there has been a very touching commercial by National Family Council shown on TV which brought tears to my eyes, besides thinking how expensive this ad would be as it was 3 mins long!

It reminded me of how imperfect my husband is and yet how these imperfections made him so perfect and beautiful. I could definitely relate to the ad and yet how when I was a newly wed, I was not used to CT snoring so loudly. But I knew that once you marry a guy, you have to embrace him and accept him for who he is, including his 'imperfections'.

As time passes, I got used to it.

This ad definitely serves as a reminder to me of how I should always give thanks to God for CT's 'imperfections' as he shows that he is still alive and that is definitely something I should be thankful for and happy about! (though I would still step in if the baby is awake because of his snores)

I know how also when a baby comes along and young parents would complain of how the baby cries for milk or when tired, waking them up and depriving them of their sleep. But looking at a different perspective, we should all be thankful that the baby cries indicates that he or she is still alive and how it beats having a baby that doesnt make a single noise, which we would probably be very worried.

Therefore, if you are single and looking for a perfect man with great brains and brawns. Drop that idea. If you are parent and hope for the perfect baby who would be absolutely obedient to you and not waking you up in the middle of the night or not fussing when put to sleep, drop that thought! No one is perfect and we should all learn to embrace them for who they are and appreciate their beautiful 'imperfections'.

Enjoy this ad!


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