Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meimei turns 4 months!

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, April 12, 2009
I have to say, meimei is a normal baby! I use the word, "normal" on meimei because Caleb was an unusual baby.

Here's the difference between them!

Caleb was 2.3 kg at birth. Danielle was 3.2 kg.

Caleb was still wearing M size diapers when he was one year old while Danielle was already wearing M size right when she was about 2-3 months old.

Caleb's newborn clothes lasted him for one year plus while Danielle's newborn clothes lasted her for 2 months.

Caleb loved the water right from birth. Danielle hated it.

Caleb never stopped jumping from 2 months old onwards when placed standing on the sofa. Danielle never jumped but enjoy kicking when laid on the bed.

Caleb's poo poo expression was more obvious than Danielle's.

Caleb fell down the bed for the first time at 5 months. Danielle, at 3 months.

Caleb lifted his head properly at 2-3 months. Danielle, at 2 weeks.

Caleb enjoyed looking at the mirror at 4 months. Danielle loved it at 3 months.

Caleb outgrown his newborn bath tub at 2 months. Danielle outgrown hers at 1 month.

Caleb used the pacifier at 3 months old. Danielle tried at 2 months but didnt like. Havent used it since.

Caleb turned at 5 months. Danielle at 3 months.

etc etc....

So I finally understand when mothers always say how their children's clothes or shoes outgrow them very fast as I am experiencing it with Danielle.

Just like this Bumbo seat. She doesnt like it as she usually gets stuck in it.

Here's Meimei tasting her first food at 4 months!

I really cant wait for her to start playing with Caleb!


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