Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mini Typhoon

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Tonight, I actually experienced a mini typhoon in my home. I was asleep as usual by 11 pm. But at about 1130 pm, there was a massive strong wind that forced my windows wide open. I tried to pull them back in to shut them tight, but I couldn’t. I was so afraid that the windows will come loose and drop down as the wind was so strong. CT had to come help me shut them.

When I went out of my room, we found out that the wind was so strong that my kitchen glass door was damaged. The strong force of the wind actually broke the door stopper and caused the nail to be bent!

And because the stopper broke and dropped down, the door actually swung wide open in the wrong direction. And the force of the wind actually made the stopper fly and hit my glass bomb shelter door which broke it.

When I peeked outside my window, I was also so afraid that the trees would fly because of the wind as all of the trees were swaying so much.

What an experience! We had to shut all our windows, including the toilet ones so as to prevent things in our house from being blown away.

Never knew I would experience such a thing in Singapore. A day after this happened, newspaper reported that the wind was from Sumatra, Indonesia and the wind speed was 80 over km/h. Wow!

Anyway, this was probably nothing as compared to what CT and I experienced in USA as we went through Hurricane Katrina, where the wind speed was 200 over km/h! But then again, it was still shocking to have such strong winds in sheltered Singapore.


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