Monday, April 13, 2009

First time to Orchard

Posted by Dawn at Monday, April 13, 2009
Today is the first time meimei goes to Orchard! Well, both CT and I hates Orchard as we do not like the crowd and moreover, everything just seemed too high class for us. Ha. So what brought us there? What else, but vouchers!

Offhand I can think of only four reasons why you can find me in Orchard.

1) To meet up with my friends
2) To attend a wedding dinner there
3) To spend Taka vouchers
4) To lets the kids go goo goo ga ga over the Christmas lights

Yup. Nothing else should draw me there..

I had $50 Taka voucher to spend. And guess what? This voucher was probably a gift to us for our wedding, which was 5 years ago! I was packing my drawer and chanced upon it. It looked kind of yellowish and I thought I just wasted $50 for not spending it but thank God, there is no expiry date!! Woo hoooo!!!

So off we went by train as its quite convenient.

Here's meimei outside the food area in Taka.

Guess what I bought with the voucher. Sigh..what else but kids stuff. Decided to buy lots of toys with that since I seldom buy them toys.

On our way back, both children fell asleep.

But once we reached home, Caleb woke up and we began to play the toys we bought.

I think the next time I will go Orchard is to attend a wedding.


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