Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blabbering a lot

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, April 09, 2009
Caleb has been learning new words each day and keep repeating words that he knows already. However, he has yet to put them in a sentence. In the morning, he would always say, "TV please" and "thank you". Then he would say, "stick" (meaning drum stick as he likes to hold the stick to hit whenever he watches TV).

In the car, he would say, " car", "bus" by pointing. He does it throughout the day- repeating all the words he knows again and again. Its so engraved in my mind that even when I am not with Caleb, I would find myself looking out for cars, bus, trains and almost wanting to point and say it out (as if Caleb was beside me).

Here's one occasion where he took our letter and read aloud (as if he knows how to read).

And here's another pasttime he enjoys doing- that is to take my handphone and talk to his imaginery friend. (do turn up the volume of your speakers to hear him talk)

Its nice to see how chatty he can be as it brings smiles to our faces when we find him 'talking'. Its cute.


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