Friday, April 17, 2009

A day spent at my parent's place

Posted by Dawn at Friday, April 17, 2009
Today, my mum came to pick us up to go her place to spend the whole day there. Reason is because my neighbour who lives directly above my unit is undergoing renovation and the drilling killed me yesterday as I had to bring down the 2 kids so that they will not go deaf. So the whole day yesterday, meimei spent her time sleeping in the pram in the park down at my block.

So I decided to spend the day at my parents place to avoid the noise. We had lunch together with my parents, bro and family at Tien Court at Copthorne King's Hotel.

It was either Grand Shanghai Restaurant or Tien Court but because we havent tried Tien Court before, we decided to give it a go.

Verdict: This will be my first and last time eating there. It is not only expensive, but the service and food sucks!

We ordered our dishes and the waitress came back shortly after that they dont have this particular vegetable which we ordered. Strange because it was the waitress that told us what veggies they have. Then after the waitress went back to the kitchen, shortly later, she came back out again and told us they didnt have claypot beancurd! Sigh..horrid service as there is simply no communication between the kitchen chefs and the waitress.

It was about $30-40 per person. We ordered:
1) Sea Scallops with asparagus - $64 !!!
2) Beancurd with crab meat - $24 (I did enjoy this dish because of the crab roe)

3) Soup of the day -Black chicken ginseng soup. (ordered 3 individual portions) - $21
4) Frog Leg Porridge (for the children) Gosh! It came up to be like teochew porridge where the rice is still visible. And the taste is like some chicken porridge. Super horrid! - $28
5) Xiao Long Bao (not as good as Din tai fung) - $14.40
6) Char Siew Bao - $7.60
7) Beancurd skin with prawn and chives - $14.40 (this was one of the nicest dish)

8) Chicken claw - $7.60
9) Deep Fried Mango Roll - $14.40 (yucks! Felt so oily)
10) 2 plates of pickles which was already on the table - $7
11) 8 cups of chinese tea - $24!! (crazy!)

Be warned! Dont ever go there!

Anyway, after a very full lunch, we went back to my parents place where Caleb had his afternoon nap. Meimei woke up shortly after lunch and started playing.

She was trying to push herself up. She was also smiling and playing with my mum.

Janine also stayed at my mum's place. So after Caleb's and Janine's afternoon nap, for the very first time, they played together in the 'swimming pool'. My mum bought this with the intention of having her grandkids over at her place and spend the whole day there, playing together!

Meimei also had her go at the pool but she didnt like it. She was crying. Maybe the water was too cold for her.

Janine was the first to come out as she didnt want to stay on already. But Caleb didnt want to leave. He wanted to play forever if he had the choice. So he played a while more by himself.

And of course when I took him out, he was crying. Anyway, glad the cousins had the opportunity to play together!


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