Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ashley my darling..

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Ashley has been my favourite dog ever! I have been having dogs since young. I used to have a bull terrier, Max which ran away from house after my dad scolded him.(Didnt know dogs can be so sensitive)

And the next one I had was a rottweiler, Angie. She was a darling, unlike common fierce rottweilers. Angie was very gentle and had good temperament. She was also a very good guard and very responsible. She even killed a snake before, if my memory serves me well. Very agile and faithful. But too bad, she had cancer and was suffering as her toes were rotting. So we put her to sleep. Sigh.

Then one day when my dad was driving and we were near SPCA, he suddenly suggested if we want another dog. Then I said, "Yes!!" (as I love dogs). So it was a quick decision and reaction that landed us at SPCA where we got Ashley. When we bought the dog, we were deciding on the name and I saw my dad's Ashworth shirt and I suddenly told my family, "Why dont we name her Ashley?" And they all loved it. We chose Ashley because out of the 2 dogs that we saw-one black and one brown. We called and only Ashley ran towards us and was very active and cheerful, while the black one was lying down. So of course we chose the one more active.

Ashley was about 3 months old and like a furball when we first got her. She was so playful, which I liked. Haha.

But as time passes, her features were more distinct.

Ashley was not only pretty, but also friendly and agile. She was also a good guard dog.

She knows when to be on alert mode as her ears will stand up as she looks to the gate.

After I got married, I had to leave Ashley behind at my parents place since my house is too small to accomodate her...and after I got children, sad to say, she has been neglected. Whenever I go my parents place every week, she would be the first to greet me at the gate but after a slight pat on her head, I would quickly proceed on inside the house and do my own stuff. Poor Ashley.

After I watched the movie "Marley & Me". It reminded me of Ashley and I felt convicted to treat her better. I felt guilty for neglecting her.

So, I do try to spend more time with Ashley now when I am at my parents place. Though of course, my kids still have to come first. But at least, I would pat her more and talk to her. She is now 10 years of age and I really hope she will stay on for long as I love her a lot


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