Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweeter blood

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, April 29, 2009
I always wonder is it really true when people say, "Oh the mosquitoes bite you because your blood is sweeter." I am sure you have heard such words before. How true is that?

I also think that mosquitoes tend to choose baby's blood than adult's. Does that mean,they prefer young and fresh blood? haha. I really wonder what mosquitoes think and how they choose who to bite.

Caleb has been a target for mosquitoes since young and each time they bite him, it would leave him a scar. It doesnt heal nicely. There would be some kind of pus and all. Sigh. You can see his previous mosquito bite near to his knee, which left him a brownish mark on him. And recently, the mosquito bit him on the same spot. Must be the same mosquito I figured. Ha.

He wears long pants to sleep and this still happens to him. Are mosquitoes getting smarter that they can fly up his pants? Must I really put mosquito repellant EVERY night before he sleeps?


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