Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back to Mobile

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Woke up usual time, cooked instant noodles for breakfast and checked out at 815am. The shuttle to airport came on time at 820am. Our flight was 11 plus am. Needed a lot of time to airport just in case there would be a jam or long queue in the airport.

Reached back Mobile at 4 plus pm and boy, it was not cold anymore. It used to be so cold in Mobile, but the temperature was so nice now. Went Walmart on our way home for grocery shopping so that I can cook for the next few days.

After dinner, I passed CT his Christmas present. I did not bring it along with me to NY cos it was too big.

Look at how excited CT is..

This is what was inside..

I bought them when CT was away in Charlotte for couple of days. I knew CT wanted to play these remote control cars as he once unknowingly commented. So, I took his word for real and got him these. Bought 2 so that I can race with him.

He got so excited to play and so, we spent the night playing. We had a race course with our dining table and chairs and challenged.

Our course was to go under all the chairs and go 3 rounds in all, then go back to starting point to finish the race. So fun cos we kept crashing on the chairs, walls and each other's cars.

Mine is the Orange Mazda RX car while CT's one is the silver Mitsubishi Lancer. So fun!


Hebrew_Star on Wednesday, January 04, 2006 said...

This is a close call... CT and you drive fast.., ;o) jia you!!

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