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Exploring the South and East of Island

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, December 18, 2005
This morning, we woke up as usual at 7am plus. We brought over small boxes of cereals to save some money on breakfast. So, we had that this morning. I bought milk last night from a grocery store. I placed the cereals in the wine glass and we ate our breakfast at the balcony. Check this out.

We left our hotel at about 8 plus am and went first to Diamond Head Crater.
You can view the houses built on hilltops..amazing..

Went to a lookout point along the way. It is very easy to drive in Hawaii as everything is just one straight loop with many sights along the way.

Many nice scenery along the we just stopped, pull to the side and start clicking my camera.

Finally, we stopped at Hanauma ( Ha-now-ma) Bay where tourists flocked because of how clear the water is and because there were 400 diff species of fish in it at shallow waters. So beautiful. I was a little sad because I forgot to bring my goggles out. I left both our goggles in the hotel. So, we had to rent a mask there for 8 bucks altogether. But it became a blessing in disguise because CT got a optical mask which has he could see the fish and enjoy the sights.. He usually wears contact lenses but it broke, so he was meant to go "blind" in the water..but because we had to rent the mask, we realised they sold optical mask...

The water was freezing. Corals were everywhere in the bay. The bay was formed naturally as it was orignally a volcano crater. Amazing, right?

We had to watch a 15 min video show about the bay before entering it. There were a lot of people as time passes...

When I put on my mask and went in for 5 mins, straight away, I saw a huge fish that was about 40cm long. It looked really good for eating as it looked so fleshy and soft. Haha.. Yah yah..greedy o' me.

We swam for an hour plus before we went along our way to more beaches and lookout points..

There was quite a current when we swam..saw the fishes being pushed underwater as cute..all moving in the same direction by the current

After swimming, I dried myself up but still wearing my costume and we went to a lookout point with great rock formations..

I was kind of scared climbing down these formations to get down here..and CT even wanted to go all the way these people..

Seems easy to climb but I have a bad sense of balance and the rocks were quite sandy..Moreover, I had to go through all these before I reach the tip

So, I told CT, I'd rather stay and be safe. Hehe..

We moved on by car to the next lookout point and boy, the waters were very clear here so much so that I spotted a turtle from the cliff we were at.

We were about 10 storeys high but yet, we could spot at least 2 turtles at this lookout point. So cool..

From the point, a beach is at sight, called "Sandy Beach".

We drove nearer to the beach and took some pictures..

After that, we went to Waimanalo Beach Park which has clear turquoise beautiful.

I could not resist after looking at such nice clear waters that spreads the whole beach..I quickly took off my clothes and ran in as I still had my costume on. I did not even have my towel with me...I just did not think much as the water was simply too tempting. I did not regret it at all..

Went in with no goggles and was simply enjoying the scenery and water while swimming and playing with the waves when it came in.

Landed up on the shore by the waves..

After the refreshing swim, we went for lunch nearby at this stall which sold cheap and good food.

The dining area of this stall was interesting as it had bible verses and drawings all over the walls. People who visited this place also added their fair share of bible verses on it as children's handwriting were spotted..

I ordered shoyru chicken with macaroni salad, teriyaki chicken burger and a soft drink for only 7US$. Very cheap. We were so full after eating as they were very generous with rice.

After eating, we made our way to another beach recommended by travel books which I have been reading before this trip. It is called, "Kailua Beach Park". CT was saying, "Not another park"..haha..I guess we were quite tired of beaches already, but it was along the way,so we dropped by our last beach stop.

This park is quite nice as it has a good view of islands, and volcanoes and quite shady.

On our way back, we made 3 more stops. One of it was a scenic point along the roads which we spotted the sign. So we turned in and took few quick shots.

Took picture of ou car since the background was quite nice as well. This is our rented car- Toyota Echo (similar to Vios).

We then made our way to Nuuanu Pali Lookout point. Very huge and tall cliffs...

There is great view from this lookout point, but I shall cut down on the pictures I placed here as they are just too many to put up. After this, we went to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific where the soldiers who died in war were being placed.

It is a very nice scenic cemetery with nice big trees..

This cemetery is at Punchbowl, on an extinct volcano crater..

This is a writeup of the war in WW2..

The names of the soldiers died are placed on the ground...

Great view from the cemetery..looks like in Singapore, doesnt it?

We went back hotel after this and quickly took a bath, and went to Waikiki beach to see the sunset...

There were many people playing chess by the beach..quite interesting.

There is also a waterfall by the beach..very nice

After sunset, we walked along waikiki beach with so many shops and restaurants. Went to International Market place which looks like a pasar malam place with a foodcourt. We had dinner at the foodcourt..ate korean food.

They also have a Duty Free Shopping Centre with a great aquarium shop along the streets which went in to see the fishes.

There were Christmas decor along the streets and after walking for about 2 hours, we went back as our legs were aching already.

Here is a nice Christmas tree in our hotel lobby...

Tomorrow would be our last day in Oahu and I feel quite sad that we have to go back soon..


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