Friday, December 16, 2005

Off to Oahu, Hawaii

Posted by Dawn at Friday, December 16, 2005
Left home at about 8am as our flight was 12 noon. We drove to New Orleans to take a flight there. Took us 2 hours plus to reach and on our way there...we took a good look of the devastation still lingering along the roads. Houses near the highways were still devastated and the streets still look messy and dirty.

During the hurricane, the highway bridge was totally destroyed, but I must comment US for building it quite fast, though not open yet, you can see that it is almost done as cars are already travelling on it to test it out.

So, when we went to New Orleans, it became a one lane road, sharing with cars from the opposite direction, which slowed down the traffic slightly.

Along the way, hawks were spotted soaring in the sky. Very nice.

Driving through New Orleans was like a dead town....

Flight to Honolulu, Oahu was very long. We took a flight from New Orleans to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Honolulu straight which was about 10 hours straight. It was almost like taking a flight back to Singapore as it was only about 15 hours from Singapore to Los Angeles. Though longer to travel to Singapore, I preferred flying back to Singapore because of SIA. I have never been more proud to travel by SIA ever since I came to US. It is a huge difference from other airlines.

My flight to Honolulu was a torture as we flew by Delta Airlines. There was not much seating space and the TV screen was so far away and so small that I could not watch. We have to pay for the headsets, so I did not buy them of course.

The only thing I enjoyed in the trip was the view I had as I was sitting in the window seat. Here are some sights...

Nice white fluffy clouds

Sun Setting-nice colours

Whole ground full of snowy mountains

Reached Honolulu International Airport at about 9pm. Got our rental car- toyota Echo 1.5L. It is similar to Toyota Vios with the speedometer in the middle of the car. By the time we reached the hotel, we were exhausted. It was 20 mins from the airport. Not too bad.

We stayed in the Hotel Radisson Waikiki Prince Kuhio. A very nice elegant hotel just 5 mins from Waikiki.

I was in Hawaii many years ago with my family when I was too young to remember much. So, it was exciting to be back now that I much older and know what is happening around me.


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