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Christmas in NY

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, December 25, 2005
Hmm..Christmas in NY is not what it seems. Many people say that spending Christmas in NY is everyone's dream destination holiday, especially when Hollywood movies show how lovely and romantic it is from shows like "You've got mail", "Maid in Manhatten", "When Harry Met Sally" etc..So, that was one reason why we went there. I have learnt that when people say Christmas in NY, they mean actually, Christmas Season in NY..not the actual day. Why do I say so?

Well, read on to find out...

Woke up as usual at 7am to start the day off early by walking around. Cooked instant noodles for breakfast at the common kitchen in our hostel.

After that, we took a bus to City Hall at Lower Manhatten. There is a park there and took some pictures. The weather was very foggy and cold. Could blow "smoke" from our mouths..that is what CT is trying to do in this picture..

Walked to World Trade Center (Ground Zero), known during the Sept 11 terrorist attack in 2001. Cannot really see much as it seems quite empty still...

After that, we walked to Battery City Park which we were supposed to see Statue of Liberty from there. But the weather was so foggy that we could not see a sad..

We then walked in the financial district which was practically empty cos of the Christmas holidays. Everything seemed to be close. Wall St seems to be a dead street...

This is the New York Stock Exchange Building

Walked sadly to South Street Seaport as there were supposed to be a lot of shops and dining area there along the sea. But again, shops were closed and with the fog,we could not get a good view of anything from the port.

Then, we walked along Brooklyn Bridge..quite nice but very cold..

From where we are, we could see Manhatten Bridge, another popular Bridge.

Then, we walked to Chinatown. Yes, walk again..Chinatown is supposedly the biggest Chinatown in US. Went there to check it out and have lunch.

We walked past a corner coffeeshop with roast duck, chicken, pork displayed. So, that caught my eye and since I was hungry, we just went in. Then, someone called my name! I turned and realised it was CT's colleague, Teck Meng. Teck Meng and Chen Twok were eating there as well. We knew they were here in NY but did not think we would meet them. So coincidental. They just finished eating and we were talking where they have gone so far and what they plan to do..

This is the shop we went for lunch. I ordered roast duck soup noodles while CT ordered beef hor fun dry. Very yummy...but surprisingly small portion since we were in US.

Yes, it was raining and cold.

We walked around Chinatown and I bought love letters (with sesame seed) to bring back to Mobile and share with CT's colleagues. Walking in Chinatown seems to be back home in Singapore as there were medicine shops selling all the diff Chinese herbs, there were dried goods shop selling dried mushrooms, scallops and many others.. So, I was very happy looking at all those again. I also bought some buns for tomorrow's breakfast.

Near Chinatown, was Little Italy. So, we walked there along the streets. Lots of Italian Restaurants..only a few shops opened.

We checked out NY University after that and it was not so interesting..Then, the weather became so unbearable that we took a bus home. Rested in our hostel till evening time before heading back out and grab dinner.

Most shops during Christmas Day were not open even in Broadway thought the lights were still on and eye catching. Just glad Chinatown was lively and did not shut down. We walked along Broadway streets again and had dinner at this lovely Chinese restaurant called Ollie's Noodle and Grill. CT ordered Wanton dumpling soup while I ordered soya sauce chicken with rice, which came with blended ginger and spring onions. I loved it very much. We also ordered xiao long bao...which the skin was not as thin as we wanted. But it was still alright.

Walked to Madison Square Garden which is a famous arena/stadium/concert hall place for popular concerts, NBA, ice hockey competitions, American Idol auditions etc...Too bad I did not catch any show here but it did not matter to me as I, too wanted to save money and use it for better things like...hmm..FOOD! haha..greedy ol me..

Then spotted a huge scooby doo just outside Macy's departmental scooby doo cartoons..

There were interesting sculptures like a huge christmas lights and decor along the streets..

Before going to Rockefellar Center, we passed by Radio City Hall which has cute deco. I love this picture which I took as it also shows how foggy and miserable the weather was.. great contrast from the bright lights.

The highlight of today was the lights in Rockefellar Center and seeing people ice skate. The atmosphere and lights were spectacular.

There was a performance from this building above. The lights on the flakes turn on and off according to nice Christmas bell music. So, it was quite a show.

Then, we went to watch people ice skate in a small rink at the center..

There was this particular Asian guy who caught everyone's eye. He was skating and showing some emotions with his hands and legs as he skated. He would always go to the middle while performing.. He kept showing the same movements in his hands that I grew a little irritated and was quite gross with what he was doing. Then all of a sudden, he slipped and fell. His whole face fell flat and was totally drenched because the rink was wet from rain. Then, just as he fell, I could hear the whole stadium of people looking all laughed. Then this father and daughter standing beside me laughed so loud. I thought the father would scold the daughter for laughing but instead, he sniggered to his daughter and said, "This guy is now cold, wet and totally embarrased!" Then, both of them went on laughing. I told CT I was disgusted at their behaviour and had to leave.

I told CT that if parents continue teaching the wrong values to their kids, the generations to come will keep degenerating and have poor moral values. I told CT that if I were the parent, I would def teach the kid not to laugh at other people's misery. No matter how much the guy was showing off, that is his problem but we should not laugh at other's misery.. I went on to say that I scolded my student before because of this problem.

Just wished people could show more love and respect for one another..

Took a couple more shots after that and went back to hostel as it was still drizzling..

Took a picture of CT and a drummer boy as that is my nickname to him eversince I met he has been playing drums since he was about 7 years old.

Ok, so this is Christmas in NY. If I could turn back time, I may just come a few days before Christmas or a few days after Christmas since most shops close during Christmas. But if you want a white Christmas with snow, then you should come in the beginning of Dec.


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