Monday, December 12, 2005

Family Day

Posted by Dawn at Monday, December 12, 2005
I feel so blessed to be here in US. When I came in March, I was given the opportunity to go to CT's work place and see them working. Pam McCarthy invited me as she said that day, they will not be doing much stuff and they will also be taken to doctors for check up and a shoe shop to buy safety shoes. So, I went to CT's plant which was an hour drive away and even attended training with them in the meeting room. I felt very happy that day as I was the only 'outsider' and I felt so privileged to be with my husband at work the whole day.

Today, I was making a trip again to CT's workplace as it was Family Day event where colleagues bring their families including children. I find it a privilege to go CT's workplace because at least I can see where he works and what he does and have on his table etc..and moreover in Singapore, it is rare for visitors to go into Jurong Island because of its tight security.

After church, came back home to change, have lunch at Taco Bell (just opposite my apartment) and went to his workplace with Kok Fong (who drove). I understand why CT tells me that he always sleep on the way to work if he is not driving because the scenery to work is not exactly nice and it is an hour drive with nothing much to see.

This Family Day Event is mostly for kids. The Kids have their lucky draw and door prizes. So, it was a fun time for them. There were finger food like pizza, chips, nachos, sandwiches and desserts. CT took so many pieces of pizzas even though we just had lunch. I just took a few mouths to help him out, some nachos and a muffin. I have to say the event was quite boring. We just had lunch and watched the kids collect their lucky draw prizes, santa claus came and there was a photography session with him and that's all.

The picture above is the dining area where CT and his colleagues eat here for lunch with their lunch boxes. SO, this was where we had the event and ate our fingerfood. If you take away the decorations, you can see a nice fountain in a lake just outside the full length window. Very pleasant view actually...and there is even a motor alligator in the lake to scare off the birds. Quite cute.

During the event, we met this girl who just joined Tate & Lyle as a microbiologist. She just came over from Singapore and we intro ourselves. I think her name is Sherilyn...if I remember correctly. Janice and her went to take pictures with Santa...haha..they were the biggest babies as all who took pictures with Santa were small kids.

Family Day was from 2-4pm... Heard that Singaporean Family Day is much more elaborate. Hmm..after comparing Dinner & Dance and this Family Day, it does seem the case that Singaporeans organise events more elaborate and fun!

When we were walking to the carpark, I had to take the picture of CT's work one more time as I would not have the chance to..This is the entrance to his workplace. It has modern design with glass and white walls.

I love the trees in the carpark that has turned red..Got a background of the round moon.

At 630pm, we had dinner at Golden Corral to welcome Sherilyn. It is a good place for welcoming people or for farewells as they serve good buffet food. They also serve southern food. So, it is a good variety. I love the steak best. So tonight, I took a big piece of medium rare steak (extra juicy), turnip greens, steak fries (big, long wedge looking fries), cabbage , salad and soup. I ate that only.. even though there were so many other food. Oh, also took a deep fried catfish with its bones intact. I love it cos the meat cooked perfectly. SO, not dry at all. I did not go for the fried chicken wings as I ate that yesterday for lunch.

We left at about 9pm..

After dinner, CT and I went Walmart to buy some food for these few days. I would be alone as CT would be going to Charlotte, North Carolina for business with Teck Meng (the one in black jacket right in front). Teck Meng and I are quite close. We seem to be able to talk quite comfortable.

During dinner when CT was away to get his food, Teck Meng was asking Kok Fong," Do you think CT sticks to Dawn or Dawn sticks to CT?" We were sitting close to one I answered back, " No matter who stick to who..I believe there is a time to depend on one another and there is a time to be independent.We must give each other space as well." Teck Meng asked this question as CT would be away for trips. I continued on and said, " We cannot be too dependent because if one person dies which it would happen, we must live on and be independent." Then CT came back and overheard the conversation and added on by saying, " Yeah, one person would def end up a widow.."

Then, Teck Meng and Kok Fong got a shock cos we seemed so comfortable talking about death. Teck Meng said,"wha..the whole climate change when you talk about death." I said, " It is true what.."

I believe that if a person is able to accept death and talk about it, then one's life would be more purposeful. For Christians, we are not afraid to die because our life here is just temporary and we also know that we can die, we make use of our lives and live it purposefully. with an eternal perspective.

So, I do wish people can understand the hope and peace we have in Christ and turn to Him, believe in Him. In this unexpected, ever changing and degenerative world, it is even more important to find security, hope, and peace. One thing remains the same forever and ever, that is, God's love and His Promises.. I just think with this kind of security, it is enough for me to live happily no matter what happens in this world. Why would people reject that?


Hebrew_Star on Thursday, December 15, 2005 said...

Golden Corral?!?!?! muahahahahaaaaaaaa.... Now I know why Teck Meng says he's been there so often!! ha ha ha...

AMEN to your last 2 paragraphs... I pray that with the hot advertising of the show, Narnia, people will wnat to know more about Jesus!! We must pray...

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