Friday, December 30, 2005

Drive to Florida

Posted by Dawn at Friday, December 30, 2005
Took off at 7am and dropped by at Burger King for breakfast before we set off. We had a nice omelette, bacon, ham, sausage with cheese sandwich. Very filling. Our drive to Florida initially in the morning was very foggy.

We droppped by at the Visitor Centre at Florida which was about an hour away to get more brochures on the places we would be visiting. Then, we drove on and on along the highway at over 120km/h. According to the speed limit on highways here, it is we drove about 140km/h. I remembered when we went back to Singapore for visits, we realised that cars go real slow..haha..

Anyway, we stopped by for lunch at "Wendy" Fast food Restaurant. Just had a simple lunch to keep us sustained throughout the trip. Before we reached our motel at Clearwater, we dropped by at Crystal River as it was written in the travel books that Manatees (sea cows) can be seen here.. So, we went. It was about 10 miles drive in...

Saw no manatees but nice beach I must say.

Spotted very interesting birds.

In Florida, there seem to be more interesting and vintage cars which I spotted.

Reached our motel at about 4 plus pm, just before sunset. I was very pleased with our motel as it was spacious and well equipped. They even provided us toothpaste which we were running out of. I could see the sunset from our room..

We bathed and changed. Then, we went out to explore the place. Went to supermarket to look around for things to buy to stock up in our fridge. Bought fruits, yoghurt, TV dinners (microwave dinners) and 1/4 rotisserie chicken for dinner! I missed eating TV dinner and so, we bought and went back hotel to just relaxed and ate. During supermarketing, I spotted 2 interesting fruits- one is a pear and the other is a melon.

I had steak with corn and mashed potatoes while CT had BBQ pork with mashed potatoes...both costs only US$3. Just pop into the microwave and few minutes later, it is ready. We shared the 1/4 chicken. I love just relaxing in hotel and eating meals while watching TV. We were watching "Princess Diary" in the Disney Channel...funny show.

Ok, I have a problem in posting pictures here all of a bear with me and I will try to get it online soon..


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