Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dinner and Dance

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, December 10, 2005
Today was CT's company dinner and dance. So, he came back early today at about 4pm to relax, bathe, dress up and go to the convention centre at about 630pm. He wore his new pants which we bought in Tanger Outlets last week. A wrinkle free Van Heusen black pants for only US$23 bucks. Super cheap. Coincidentally, he was also wearing a Van Heusen shirt which my mum got for his Christmas Present 2 years ago. A very nice shirt I must say.

I wore a red shirt with black skirt and since it was freezing, I wore a leather jacket and put a scarf around my neck. We went to the dinner with Kok Fong and Bon. Both of them were dressed not as formal with only a sweater and pants/jeans. But anyway, we went there to just join in the fun.

The convention centre is in Mobile downtown. This is how it looks in the day time...

We reached at about 645pm and Americans were dressed in suit and ties while of course, there were some who were not dressed as formal. So, we did not feel that out of place. It was a buffet dinner with only about ten tables, space of 2 meeting rooms.

CT's boss, Bob Skelding and his wife, Cathy were there. When Cathy saw me, she was so happy and started hugging me. I knew Cathy from the time I was here in Mobile. She took me out for lunch and brought me around before. We had good times talking and sharing with each other. So, we sat next to each other and talked throughout dinner. She was telling me about her trip to Germany as Bob was there for work. So, while he was working, she was all alone.

She told me she was doing her quiet time with the Lord and asked Him what was her purpose in Germany. So, in her prayers, she told God to reveal to her...and the night before they headed back, Bob and Cathy had dinner with a German couple from his company...and when they saw Cathy saying grace before meal, they started asking her about Christianity and Cathy told me that the whole time, she was sharing with them about Jesus. The German couple were amazed at how someone shares their faith so openly and Cathy said that when you got married to this person, wont you want to tell your friends all about your spouse? It is the same love relationship she has with Jesus. So, Cathy was telling me how God revealed to her through this dinner by giving them an opportunity to know Christ.

I also added on to say that in Singapore, we have so many religions that I have learnt one thing. That is Christianity is different from other religions because of the love relationship we have with our God. Other religions seem to be so distant from their god and how much they have to do to be close to their god..That is why we are not afraid to share our faith with others because of how much we love Jesus..of what He has done and what He would do..very exciting.

Anyway, it was a good time of talking with Cathy. I guess that is why we enjoy each other's company....because of the same views we have.

After dinner, it was lucky draw time. I do not have a number as I am just a guest. Their way of lucky draw is not like Singapore where we go from the lowest prize to the top prize. For them, their lucky draw is just a prize with no the top and cheap prize is random.

The MC would give a brief intro of the prize next and when he mentioned DVD recordable, CT said that it was something I would like and I replied, but dunno if we can use in Singapore or not..then the MC announced CT's number! was very funny cos we were just discussing about the gift and we got it!

It probably costs at least US$100. In the draw, there were prizes like Ipod and handphones as well.

In th dinner, Janice (CT's colleague) brought her American boyfriend who stays in Mobile as well. CT drilled her about him and Janice met this guy from the internet actually when she was here in Mobile. He looks decent and cute. Quite interesting as that is how me and CT met too. I will def not encourage such way to date, but guess, anything can happen... I told CT that if it was an ang mo, I would not go out with him on a date cos I would be with a foreign guy in foreign land.

After the lucky draw, we went out of the room to the open to see the water as the convention centre is just by the bay. IT was freezing!!

When we went back, the music was loud as people were enjoying it and getting warmed up to dance..

I took a picture together with Pam. Pam is a wonderful Christian lady(CT's colleague) who has been very self-sacrificing and helpful. She is the type of person who would put everyone else first at the expense of herself.

Below picture is Janice..

During the fast songs, a lot of the Americans were dancing crazily. When it came to the slow romantic song, CT actually asked me out to dance with him. I was embarrased but yet touched. So, we went to the dance floor and danced in front of everyone. There were also other couples..but I was still embarassed. I told him that I have never danced like this before and dunno what to do. He assured me and confidently told me to follow him and just sway. Haha..

I must say that time was really romantic and different. We had a great talk as we just stared at each other. I guess my face was just as red as my shirt then..but glad the room was quite dark. Hehe..

We left at about 945pm and when we reached home, we installed the new DVD recordable and tried recording. It works as they have a blank DVD-RW inside and I was so happy cos we will be away in Hawaii next week and I would miss my Survivor show. So, I would not miss it now that I can record my shows. Yay!


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