Monday, December 05, 2005

Busy weekend

Posted by Dawn at Monday, December 05, 2005
These two days have been quite busy. Yesterday, we woke up late! We were supposed to have our bible study group lunch gathering at someone's house at 11am to 2pm but we woke up at 1030am. Somehow, we overslept. We quickly got changed and rushed out of the house as it was a drive away.

Their house is very beautiful and big. IT was cathered lunch- ham, green beans, salad, mashed cheesy potatoes, buns, crackers. Simple and nice lunch. After lunch, we had gift exchange. Every one of us brought a gift that shoul be less than 5 US. But when I saw the gifts- how huge and nicely wrapped in bags..I felt embarrased to bring mine out. Haha..

Anyway, it was a fun time as we played "Dirty Santa" to exchange our gifts. It is a very cool game where each one of us take a number. We go in sequence- the one with number 1 takes a gift of his/her choice first and he/she unwraps it. If number 2 likes the gift, he/she can steal from number 1. So, that is why it is called "Dirty santa". A gift can only be stolen 3 times maximum. So, we had fun stealing each other's gifts and I ended up with a nice fleece blanket and a "BlockBuster" $5 giftcard for me to go rent a DVD.

After a nice lunch and game, we drove to Tanger Outlets as it was nearby. Went there for shopping as they have good discounts there. I bought some Christmas clothes, and pants for me and CT. Also bought children's toys- 2 remote controlled cars and a barbie car for Bob's (CT's colleague and bible study friend) children. Had fun shopping.

On the way back, the sun was setting. So, had a good view of the sky as we drove across Mobile Bay waters...very nice.. I quickly grabbed my camera and got a shock just before it ran out of battery..

The next day on Sunday, we went church as usual. After that, had lunch at Lonestar steakhouse and I missed eating a good piece of steak. I quite like the decorations of this restaurant as it is very western cowboy theme with heads on the wall. I thought this head was unusually cool..

After lunch, we drove to Pensacola, Florida to visit the Asian groceries as CT's colleagues told us that they have quite a lot of stuff there. So we wanted to take a look. It was about 45mins to an hour drive. It was huge place..something like the space of Prime supermarket in Singapore. Considered huge cos in Mobile, it was just a small shop. It was so "huge" that people even could use trolley...and they sold roast pork and roast duck. Interesting...

We visited 2 shops to compare and what I like is that they do not charge tax. Even after that when we went Walmart, the food that I bought was not taxed. I think maybe Florida is too rich..hehe..

On the way back, again, I got to catch the sunset and this time, my batteries was recharged and all ready to go. So, I was clicking away my camera in the car behind CT as I jumped from the front seat to the back seat as the sunset was on the driver's side.

Every time after we passed the Mobile Bay waters, we would go inside the tunnel and I like this picture which I motion on the borders but sharp image in front...Dont ask me how I did it.. :)

At night, the temperature get quite cold...about 0-5 degrees celcius. I was having a headache, so CT tried to cook and when he was frying the veggies, I had to take these pictures. I was too amused. He was a feet away from the frying pan as he was afraid of the sizzling. So funny.

After dinner, CT felt like eating ice cream at Marble Creamery Slab just outside our apartment which serves homemade ice cream. I was all for it as I enjoy eating ice cream when the weather is cold. So, we drove out and bought 2 ice creams (using the one-for-one coupon). I took Chocolate Mint with Oreo cookies toppings while CT had willy wonka-dark chocolate with hot choc fudge. Very yummy but I was struggling as I ate towards the last part as it was so big..

We brought home the ice cream to eat since we were so near home and moreover, we wanted to eat and watch our VCDs. Right now, watching "Xiao Shi Yi Lang" VCD. Very exciting.. Borrowed it from Kok Fong (CT's colleague).

CT ate until his lips so black...Looks like a very evil guy that can poison you..ha. He will look more like that if he had long white hair. Think I have been watching too much kung fu shows.


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