Thursday, December 15, 2005

CT away and coming back today

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, December 15, 2005
CT has been away from Monday and would be back soon this afternoon. He left at 6am. Went out with him to say goodbye and wish them a great trip. Teck Meng came to pick him up as CT left the car for me in case of emergency.

When I returned to the apartment, I realised CT forgot take his file which we was supposed to bring. He only called an hour later in Mobile Airport to say he left the file. I told him I could drive to pass it to him if it was important but it wasnt.

At about 8 plus am, I felt so tired because I woke up early to cook instant noodles for CT at 515am. Wanted him to have a good meal. So, I went back to sleep till 10 plus am. I woke up groggy.

Watched some TV and prepared my lunch. After lunch, I would always go to Kok Fong's house with the extra key he gave me to use the computer. My Laptop hard disk crashed and I asked if I could go his house to use computer. So, glad he allowed and so, I could email and update my blog and edit my photos. I did lose some pictures and the data in my computer, but I am glad most of my pictures were still in my camera. That is much better than nothing.

Here are some of the meals I cooked for myself..

I would return home at about 4 plus pm, bathe, watch TV, read books and prepare for dinner.

There will always be TV programmes to watch as there are 77 channels. So, I caught my fav reality shows. There was this show called "Wife Swap" and "Nanny 911". Both very good shows. "Wife swap" is like the title suggests- 2 families get their wives swapped with each other for 2 weeks...and the show will see how the families get along with their new mums. 2 totally different personalities...

CT would def call me at night after work and one more time, before he sleeps. So, I am glad he is rather thoughtful in that area. But at night before he sleeps, he always call at that time I am watching a nice TV programme. So, I try my best to give him my attention..haha..try..

Well, going to bed seems strange when there is no one at home but I just spend more time praying and talking to, that helps when I do have someone listening to me...

For my meals, I make it as simple as possible and I love cooking simple meals. I would sometimes just have 2 types of veggies with rice...or I would have veggies cooked with minced meat and rice. But of course, I would cook a lot of veggies cos I love it. To add more dishes in that sense, I cooked my rice with chinese sausages, add sesame oil and dark sauce. I know it is my dad's favourite as well. So, I do enjoy my time alone cooking such dishes. When CT is around, I do not cook just one dish as I dunno whether he likes it or not and I wish for him to eat more. Yup,love feeding people.

I told CT once that I would be very happy just having porridge, egg with chai por and minced pork with salted fish. Drool... I love it very much.

CT would be back soon and I have cooked curry chicken. I am sure he would appreciate a home-cooked meal now that he has been eating out for the past 2-3 days.

[Few hours later...]

When CT came home at about 2pm, we had our lunch while watching VCD as I missed watching it. After that, we went out for a drive and I noticed a very nicely decorated is what I saw...

Cute, right? US even have competitions on how nicely decorated the house is and some houses which I saw on the TV are really elaborate with lights everywhere, like the Bellingrath Gardens which I went..very cool.

I will not be blogging for a few days as I am off to Hawaii tomorrow. Will be back on 19th Dec. Ciao.


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