Saturday, August 08, 2009

CSC Membership

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, August 08, 2009
No, I'm not referring to Chinese Swimming Club where I had been a member for almost 25 years, but I'm referring to Civil Service Club. Yes, I jumped from one CSC Member to being another CSC Member. For Chinese Swimming Club, I used to pay about $50 per month which was expensive because one year, it would be $600 already! But for Civil Service Club, I only pay $3 per month!!!! What a huge difference! Moreover, a payment of $3 per month includes all 3 branches in Singapore- Changi, Upper Serangoon and Bukit Batok.

I only got the card a few days back, and that very Saturday-my wedding anniversary, I brought the whole family for swimming. I get a supplementary card for CT and 2 kids membership for free!

Here's Danielle getting all dressed up for the swim! (Her FIRST time!)
Doesnt she look like a pro already? (with her competitive-looking costume passed down by my friend)

There's all of us in the baby pool. Purposely put on the shade for Danielle so that I can maintain her fair skin! By the way, she was busy biting the handle of the float. Oh well..

Amazingly, Danielle also did try to kick while in the float. I was quite impressed as she naturally did it on her own.

As for Caleb, I was also quite proud of him. He seemed more daring in this pool as compared to the one in Sengkang. He was trying out stuff which he never wanted to try in the other pool.

I actually laid him down flat on the pool and moved him, as he tried to kick. He loved it!

Then when Caleb saw CT swimming in the adult pool, he also wanted to go in there. So I went in with him and teached him how to kick! IT was fun as for the very first time, Caleb didnt protest as he faces flat on the pool and also when he was placed lying down on the water, with his face up.

Check out Caleb in action!

The view from the pool area was also quite spectacular as it faces the Changi beach.

After the swim, we walked over to Changi Village for dinner! I had mutton soup with rice while CT had his famous beef hor fun with black beans! Very good! Caleb shared fried rice with Vicky.

Great exercise, great fun and great food. I cant ask for more!


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