Thursday, August 20, 2009

I love food

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, August 20, 2009
Ok, the subject title of this blog is an understatement. If I will not grow fat and unhealthy by eating and eating non-stop, I would. But please do not imagine me as a fat slob just stuffing food continuously as I do selective eating. I have been well-trained by my mum to eat all kinds of food but eversince I have been quite conscious of my weight (even more so, after giving birth to 2 kids), I have learnt to be strict and disciplined when it comes to eating.

Foods that I TRY to avoid: Ice cream (but if there is a free Ben & Jerry's Ice cream dangling in front of me, I would grab it), rice (unless there is a super famous HK styled fried rice which has the wok hei smell and taste), chocs (cant help it if students give me for Teachers Day right?)

Tonight, I felt like cooking glutinuous rice. Concidentally, my mum-in-law also cooked it a few days back. Guess we all had the same glutinuous rice mood.

I do enjoy eating this but only once in a blue moon since its quite filling...

Cooked for about 11 persons, my family as well as my colleagues

Then I packed them up in plastic containers, using chill (mouth), spring onions(eyes) and fried onions (hair) to create a happy face to brighten their day.

A couple of days later, my mum once again prepared sukiyaki steamboat. One of my favourite as its healthy, light and delicious.

It has my favourite meat- beef and lots of it!!

And of course, the ever-guilty fatty pork!

Another favourite part of this meal is the raw egg dip which goes so well with the beef and pork. Too bad, I have 'abstained' from rice. If not, it will go so well with the beef, stained with sukiyaki sauce and raw egg!

My mum's Indonesian helper, Wati, also prepared cereal prawns! Yummy! (Have a soft spot for seafood!)

There was once Wati also prepared sweet and sour fish by deep frying the grouper fish first!! So yummy!!

And my mum's soup is to-die-for! She is so generous on the amount of ingredients that it amazes me! Here's her snakehead fish soup with some special dried veggies...

Sigh, I better start thinking of doing some exercise. If not, my guilt will just increase and increase...:(


mamabliss on Tuesday, September 08, 2009 said...

gah... u are making me hungry... :P

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