Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My baby..

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, August 05, 2009
Nope, not referring to my children, but my guitar. I have this Guild acoustic DC-5 Guitar probably for about 8 years already and it was my first high-end second hand guitar which I purchased at around $1K (usual price was about US1500-2000), since I needed a decent sounding guitar, which would give out exceptional resonance for being in the church worship band.

I really enjoyed the time when I was single, having my own spacious room as I sat either on my bed or sofa, strumming my guitar to whatever music I play on my computer or Hi-Fi Set. It was so carefree...

But now, things took a drastic change. I hardly touch it, only during times when I still lead worship during bible study. But each time I strum it, I would have to take out my cloth and solution to clean the dust off the guitar. It has been neglected.

Its really not easy picking up the guitar once again to play whenever I feel like it as I no longer leave my guitar out on the stand, in the open, for the fear of my kids going up to it and destroying it!

So if I do pick it up to play, I will have to keep it back in the case, which makes it more troublesome to take it out the next time round.

Secondly, I can never play in peace now. My children will come to me when they hear the guitar and start strumming as well, by pulling the strings and being so rough with it.

So, I do struggle and think twice whenever I feel like playing the guitar. SIGH. Where's my freedom??! Guess I have to be patient and wait till they grow up.

Here's Caleb looking all so serious as he strums the guitar.

Anyway, here's a funny video of Caleb moving his head as he strums the guitar. He's really feeling the music!


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