Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sibling Fun!

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, August 16, 2009
Its very heartwarming each time whenever I see Caleb and Danielle play and laugh together. Caleb enjoys playing with Danielle and whenever I carry her, he would say to me, "Put down, put down", which means that I should put her down on the floor so that they can play together.

They would play catching as well as hide and seek cum peek-a-boo, under the dining table. Both of them would be crawling all over the house as Danielle tries to catch up with Caleb.

Another 'game' which they like to do together is to jump on the sofa. They can get really 'high' doing that at times. However, each time when I take a video of them playing, they would somehow know and sense the presence of the camera and not laugh as heartily as they would.

Another thing they like doing together is to watch Hi-5! Yes, Danielle loves it too (only the singing and dancing part which is in the beginning and the end). Here are both of them dancing to it!

I hope they will remain close and enjoy each other's company even when they grow up!


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