Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yet another great swim!

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, August 15, 2009
Since getting my new club membership, I told CT that we would try to make it a point to go to the club for swimming once a week.

So today after the children woke up from their afternoon nap, we made our way to Changi Village for a swim. Caleb was already in his new costume the whole time we made our way there. He looked like a diver with his new costume!

Each session, I would try to teach Caleb a new swimming skill so that he would learn and yet enjoy himself. So today, I got him to hold the side of the pool and kick. First, I would hold his legs and teach him how to kick the proper freestyle kick and then I allow him to show me how to do it properly.

He does it quite well and enjoys kicking as well!

I have yet to teach him to pull as training his legs and teaching him how to kick properly is more important as it’s the legs that will help to keep him afloat and buoyant.

Caleb has learnt to be more bold and confident in water that I fear for his safety. He would now get out of the pool and run at the side of it. And because the weather was quite cloudy, I didn’t want him to catch a cold. But he wouldn’t listen as he was intrigued by the water spout! He pushes the water down and tries to stop it from spraying.

Then when he sees CT swimming in the deep adult pool, he actually ran to the pool. Sigh. My heart was racing as I had to run after him. Grrrr…..Naughty little boy.

Caleb stayed in the adult pool as he likes CT’s company.

So we stayed in there.

Today, I also let him try my goggles just for fun and I was surprised he didn’t resist.

Once he wore it, I wanted him to explore and see what’s under the water.

So, I actually dipped his head in for the very first time. I was once again surprised that he actually liked it!

I think credit goes to CT as Caleb was probably comfortable wearing the goggles and going under water because he sees daddy doing it as well.

After a good swim, we went to eat Zhi Char at the “Airfield” Coffeeshop beside Changi Village Hotel.

We wanted to eat its famous XO Crab Bee Hoon. It was very yummy! I enjoyed it a lot! We also ordered a beancurd dish and fried rice! All very good! It amounted to only about $40 plus for 4 of us, including Caleb since he now eats the same food as us.

Poor Meimei as she could only look at us eat and whine because she cant get a bite of what we are having!


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