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Today is a good day because we have National Day Celebration in School and after school, I will be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary with CT, which is actually tomorrow,8 Aug! So I have been waiting excitedly for this day.

In school, each class was given 2 banners to paint, according to this year's National Day Theme: "Come Together". Before going to my class, I dropped by some classes that I used to teach.

Here's a picture of my 5N2 students who had requested for me to take a picture with them for quite a while already and so, today was a good day!

I taught them last year, but not this year. They did ask me to request to the school to teach them again this year, but wasnt successful since 5N2 had already 2 teachers.

Anyway, I do miss teaching them as they are quite a fun class to be with!

Then I made my way to my co-form class-2E5. This is yet another fun class to be with. I say fun because there are really all sorts of students inside this class which makes the class interesting and fun. A lot of them are quite bubbly and sweet.

My class decided to seperate the girls and the guys to work on their banners each. So here's their pieces of work! I was very impressed with both banners as they put in quite a lot of effort. Moreover, we were only given 4 bottles of paint (blue, black, red and yellow) and my students are only Sec 2s!!

Here's what the guys did!

And here's the gals'!

And my class 2E5 (teaching them CME, Sexuality Education, as well as Mathematics)

Check out what one of the class, 4T1 did! So amazing!

My whole family came to my school right after the programme. My colleagues played with them for a while before we left to go Riverlife Church to enrol Caleb for pre-nursey next year.

After registering, we dropped all of them at my parent's place while CT and I went to Marina Mandarin Hotel for buffet lunch at Aquamarine.

Oh...I would highly recommend this place if you are a sucker for raw oysters and have a UOB card! They are now having a 1-for-1 buffet lunch promotion on weekdays. Think it is until end of this month. So better call and book! We paid a total of only $50 for 2 of us!

The service was also top notch! They kept refilling my glass even though I took only few mouths and on top of that, when the waitress say me eating dessert, they asked me if I would like to change my cutlery to the dessert cutlery. And after that, they asked if I would like tea or coffee to go with my dessert. WOW! I felt privileged to be treated like that!

I ate a total of about 15 oysters!! And 3 servings of raw salmon and swordfish! So yummy! If you are a sashimi lover, you will be disappointed as they only have these 2 types available.

They even had DIY mua chee, DIY rojak, cold cuts section with different kinds of meat, etc etc...

There's CT enjoying his ice cream

I didnt touch the ice cream because I was already so full.

By the way, forgot to mention that as CT parked the car at Marina Square before lunch, he went to the back of the car and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. He actually went to buy with Caleb in the morning when I was in school. I was pleasantly surprised.

Here's US with Caleb in the background. Ha!

And there's my mum with Danielle! (all of my children were donning Singapore colours to celebrate our nation's birthday!)

We stayed the whole afternoon at my parents' place. So I even slept there and bathed there before going to my in-law's house. It was nice to once again sleep in my old room and bathed in there. Brings back memories...

Anyway, here's a picture of the flowers CT got for me.

Was really touched! Thanks CT for giving me such 5 wonderful years! There were definitely ups and downs but I thank God that each time there was a 'down', we still managed to overcome it with God's help and with much prayers.

I feel that throughout my marriage, I have learnt a lot about relationships and about love.

A lot of people always say, "follow your heart-If you feel that the guy doesnt deserve you and treat you like that, then divorce and get out of it." However, my advise is not to follow your heart, but lead it!

Love is a decision and not just a feeling. So dont give up and dont get discouraged. Resolve to lead your heart and to make it through to the end. Learn to truly love...

During my lunch today with CT, I shared with him the vision I have in our relationship as time passes. I told him that I would like for us to be counselling other couples who are facing broken relationships. I would like for us, as a couple, to be mentoring other couples and be of a good role model for them and for our kids.

Dear CT,
Happy Anniversary in advance!I cant wait to spend eternity with you as throughout these first 5 years, I have really learnt a great deal about love and how we should learn to be patient and kind to each other. I am really excited be with you each day as we hold on to each other and support each other to face the challenges ahead and help bring up our two children, with God's love and wisdom. Thanks for everything!
Love, Wife

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails." (1 Corinthians 13:7-8)


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