Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fish frenzy

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, August 23, 2009
My parent's pond in the garden has numerous swordtail fish..I started it when I first bought for my dad about 4 fishes from the fish farm in Pasir Ris as his previous fish all died.

From then on, they have been reproducing and multiplying at such a rate that the Singapore would probably tell us to stop at 2 if it was the Singapore's birth rate we are talking about.

Think they have about 20-30 fishes now in the pond with lots of baby ones.

So, I decided to take some home to keep my cardinal tetra fish company.

These are what I got. Didnt get the baby ones as I thought the bigger ones would be more resilient to the change.

As you can see, there were 5 fishes. But shortly later as I was looking at them, 2 fish actually jumped out and hit me! I screamed because, unlike dogs, I hate slippery, 'slimy' stuff touching me! They eventually dropped on the floor and Vicky quickly came and grabbed the fish back into the plastic container. However, we lost the biggest one as we couldnt find it. Then, I was left with 4 fish.

After bringing them back and putting them in my aquarium, 2 of the fish immediately died. Then, I was left with 2.

After spending one night, lying at the bottom of my tank, they all died, leaving me with back to my cardinal tetra fish. Sigh...

Back to square one...


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