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Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, August 02, 2009
Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is Asia's first children garden. I have always wanted to visit the place but didnt have a chance to because of distance and location. I am not one who likes to travel to town area or Bukit Timah area because of the high volume of traffic.

But one fine day, CT suggested bringing the whole family there and since he suggested, I am more than happy to go!

The concept is great as I'm all for kids-friendly places. But I am just afraid that the place may not be well-maintained that it will not be pleasant to visit.

I felt the place lacks space. Probably because this is Singapore, a country where land is scarce. Ha. But as compared to the main Botanic Gardens, I feel its way too cramped, especially since kids love to run about and play, the place should be bigger.

Caleb spent some time playing with the water, which I felt looked quite pathetic. Its just a small area of water fountain for kids to play. In addition, most of the water gadgets are under repair.

Danielle, too, had a chance to touch.

While CT and I were sitting down, and watching Caleb play with the water, I felt that Caleb was so different from other children. All of them would be excited and happy when the water sprays out. But as for Caleb, he would be standing few feet away from the water fountain as he leans forward to touch, with absolutely no expression or excitement!

The kids would be running in groups to wherever the water sprays out from, while Caleb would just stand around alone, walks slowly and unexcitedly to the water fountain.

Honestly, it was quite boring to watch him 'play'.

Initially, I thought it would be difficult to get him out of the area to move on and venture to the other parts of the park, since he was playing with water. But I was wrong. Caleb just came up to me and didnt want to play anymore. I was glad that I didnt have to wrestle with him to get him out of the water area but at the same time, I felt puzzle as he seemed different from other kids and I am not sure if I should worry. Ha.

In the garden, here are some interesting things to see..

A banana plant which I never knew could grow to such lengths!

A 'rubber' tree with table tennis bats hanging on it.

Interesting, huge logs for kids to climb or sit.

We found a picnic spot, laid our disposable plastic sheet and took out snacks like chocolate cake, biscuits, fruits. Caleb, as expected, didnt sit down at all. He was going up and down the hill and playing with the ball which we brought along.

There were quite a number of dragonflies in one spot, on top of the hill. So Vicky went to catch and passed it to Caleb to play. I pity the dragonfly.

But then again, its great way for kids to learn about nature and animals, by touching it and studying it up close!

Danielle was sitting obediently on the mat with us as we kept feeding her papaya.

After about an hour plus there, Danielle actually fell asleep...

We then went on for dinner at Longhouse,along Upp Thomson Road where I get to eat my favourite chicken rice! We ordered half a chicken with oyster sauce kailan! Yummy!

This is one of those days where every thing went smoothly and everyone had a great time! However, it would be a while before I go back to the garden again since its not that spectacular. (yea, also prob because of the fact that I applied so much mosquito repellant and still end up with so many bites)


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