Saturday, June 13, 2009

Board game craze

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, June 13, 2009
I love board games. No doubt about it. If I have money and dont mind wasting it, I would buy all the board games available in the stalls and play with them. But first, I need a team of like-minded people who love playing such games too. For now, I just have CT. So I really cant wait for Danielle and Caleb to grow up and start playing with me! haha. *playful mummy*

So far, I have board games like Risk 2210AD, Pictionary, Sudoku, The Game of Life, Scruples (for kids), The Charade Game, Pocket Version of Cluedo, and last but not least, the latest board game in the market- Monopoly, the World Edition.

There was a time when the Hasbro company asked people all around the world to vote for their favourite cities and finally, they collated the votes and came up with this world edition board game. Oh by the way, a "didnt-do-much-justice" picture of Sentosa is featured in this boardgame. You will get to cross 6 continents before you reach GO! and not only that, the movers(tokens) are representative of the 6 continents. And another unique feature is that there are no more money but each player is given a credit card to spend. Though I like handling cash in my hands, it was also fun to simple add or deduct money from the card and to also support Monopoly going green, by saving on paper.

Anyway, this board game was a gift from my brother (thank you korkor) and once I got hold of it, CT and I played this game for 4 hours plus till midnight!


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