Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whole day of fun!

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Today is the day I have been thinking about even before when I had my own children. Before having them, I always think to myself how nice it would be when all the cousins and friends can play together with my own kids when they are all around the same age.

Few days back, Marianne sms me and asked me if I would like to join her as she would bringing her kids to the Sengkang Sports Complex. Of course I said yes, since its also near my place. Then she also told me a day later that my sister-in-law, Pamela would be joining us as well.

Pam went to pick Marianne and her kids up, then came by my place to pick me and Caleb up. I left Vicky and Danielle at home as Vicky had to cook lunch and moreover, the weather would be too hot for Danielle's beautiful fair skin. Ha.

When we reached, they kids were running about hysterically.

Caleb was following closely to Janine and Phoebe! They looked so cute together!

When the children finally got into the pool, it seemed like they automatically seperated themselves because Phoebe would be busy playing with the slides, Janine would be too frightened to play with the slides, so she would be just hanging in the pool by herself, Caleb would be standing as still as a sucker fish - will only move when 'forced to' and as for Asher, he was sitting on the edge playing with water. But he finally gotten the courage to soak himself in the water!

Here's Phoebe swimming backstroke!

Phoebe also wanted to go try the adult slides but was turned down by the lifeguard because she was still slightly too short. She was disappointed.

All in all, we had a great time! It drizzled right after we got off the pool.

It was also fun riding together in the same car as the kids were eating their french fries while watching Hi-5 during the journey back to my house.

Vicky cooked chicken rice and fish soup with cabbage, fish balls and mushroom balls.

I told her to cook this as I knew the kids would love chicken rice.

After lunch, the kids were watching Hi-5 and playing together.

They also sat together as Pamela read the storybook, "Max's Words" to them. Its a very nice story! I enjoyed reading it to Caleb. It was a book I borrowed from the library.

Then the kids also had fun dancing together to the hannah montana advertisement. Take a look at the video!It's quite funny. They kept asking me to replay the same advertisement over and over again as it was in my DVD recorder.

As for Danielle, too bad, she's still too young to join in. But I'm sure she would once she can stand on her two feet. Cant wait! Here's Danielle with godma

At night, me and Pam(sis-in-law) planned to go my mum's place for dinner as our weekly visit back. And since Marianne was with us, Pam actually called my mum and asked if Marianne could join us. And of course, my ever obliging mum agreed and so, we were back together at night at my parent's place!

My mum prepared her famous ginger duck dish and we also had sukiyaki for dinner. There was tofu, leek, shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, slices of beef and pork, raw eggs, cabbage to put into the hotpot. I love it because its simple and yummy! My mum also cooked japanese rice to go with it.

What a day of fun we had! Cant wait for more sessions like these! The next thing I am also looking forward to is for the kids to have stayover at someone's house! That I know, have to wait for a few more years to come!


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