Monday, June 15, 2009

New fun place

Posted by Dawn at Monday, June 15, 2009
Every weekend, I try to rack my brains and search the internet for nice and child-friendly places to go. Today, CT took off to be with the family and because of that, I was given the mission to decide where to bring the family.

A few factors to consider:
-weather (because the weather has been so hot, I wanted an air-con place)
-kids friendly (anywhere to keep the kids entertained and happy)
-crowd (CT and I hate crowded places)
-food (a place with good and reasonable priced food)
-parking (a place where parking is convenient and available)
-distance (not too far from our house)

With all that in mind, I found the 'perfect' place-Sembawang Shopping centre. The only thing is that parking is quite limited but we had no problems finding a place because it was a weekday and we went before 5pm, to beat the peak hour.

To find an air con place, it had to be a shopping centre and I have always wanted to visit Sembawang Shopping centre which officially opened only last year Dec. Its kids friendly as they have a splash park at the top floor and because its relatively new and its a weekday, there were not many people. As for distance, it was only about 15-20 mins drive from my place.

Here's Caleb on his $12 'new' car seat. We threw away the old one because it was disintegrating.

Upon arrival, we went straight to the Splash Park for the kids to play.

They have an indoor and outdoor playground.

Danielle had her go at the slide too.

After a while, CT and I took danielle to look around the shopping centre. The shop all still look very new and clean. Even the Popular Book Store was huge and they even had those $2 capsule toy machines in the stall which they were still installing when we were there.

What I like about the shopping centre was the travellators. They do not have escalators. All levels were travellators as they make it convenient for us, parents who are pushing the pram, as well as the shoppers in Giant Hypermart.

They also have nice restaurants like...

A Hongkong restaurant

Western Restaurant-Aston specialties

and Japanese Restaurant-MOF (Ministry of Food)

They also have a French bakery shop where I bought quite a lot from which amounted to $20 over bucks! Yes, its expensive!!

After that, we went back to the Splash Park to see how's Caleb doing. He was still playing in the indoor playground and have yet ventured to the wet area. So after some encouragement (as he was a little hestitant), he finally went and enjoyed himself tremendously!

Meimei also played for a short while at the wet area.

Here's some info on the park if you are interested to visit.

Caleb was so drenched but he still didnt want to leave.

After spending an hour there, we dried them up and changed them before we go off for our dinner at Aston Specialties, which was just outside the Splash Park.

I ordered a medium rare Prime Cut with Baked Beans and Baked potato,

CT ordered a medium New York Strip with mashed potato and onion rings

while Vicky had a grilled fish. I love Aston Specialties for it is value for money.

Had a wonderful dinner as my steak was so tender and juicy!

Though it was more expensive, I preferred CT's because it had fats and tendons which I love.

After a very satisfying dinner, we headed back home. I will definitely be back again!


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