Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Out of the house

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, June 02, 2009
Today, met Marianne for lunch at Vivocity without the kids . It was a nice time to be out as I am seldom out without the kids during weekdays, especially since I have not gone back to work. I felt like a country bumpkin to be honest.

Have been to Vivo a number of times. But this time round, the visit there felt different. I suddenly realised and appreciated the many shops which sold interesting things. As I was there early, I dropped by at the "National Geographic" shop. It is a very amazing shop  which seemed more like a museum to me. They sold clothes, maps, magazines, winter clothings, shoes, bags etc etc. I was curious to check out the price of the polo tee which I saw and guess how much?? It was S$110!!! It was just a simple polo tee. Goodness!The store included a climate control chamber for visitors to try out their explorer gear and accessories under simulated freezing condition.

They even had a photo gallery which I spent some time admiring as these were pictures taken by students from various schools as well as artifacts. I would definitely recommend you to take a look inside this shop if you havent done so.

Had lunch at Pu Tien Restaurant in the Food Republic Foodcourt. It seemed kind of wierd to be in a restaurant, in a food court.

However, once you dig into their food, you will soon forget that you are in a food court.

We had shredded meat with bun which was quite nice because the bun was fried and the meat was so strongly flavoured and tender that it tasted like deer meat (Or maybe it is)

Also had Pu Tien pan fried bun which I would recommend because its not too oily and the ingredients inside seemed really healthy and unusual.

Fried eggplant with pork floss. I am a lover of egg plants but because I love egg plant, this dish didnt WOW me because I tasted more of the fried batter than the vegetable. In fact, I couldnt taste the egg plant at all. Recommend this if you like fried stuff.

And lastly, the must-try is the Pu Tien Lor Mee. A very light and tasty broth mixed with the noodles-very different from the usual thick gravy, fried meat Lor Mee.

All in all, I am so grateful to Marianne for bringing me here as I have always wanted to try the food in Pu Tien and will definitely come back again!

After a great lunch, we walked around at Vivo. Went to ToysRus and Marianne bought for Caleb his early birthday present! I always feel like a kid when I am in ToysRus because there would be so many toys that I would like to buy...if only I had the money, and not think of saving up for the future. Ha!

Marianne got for Caleb a Bob the Builder Lego Set! Caleb loves Lego and its one toy that he can spend hours playing.

So when I went home, Caleb was so excited to play with it even though he just woke up from his afternoon nap and was cranky! The Lego really perked him up!

Thanks Godma!


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