Sunday, June 07, 2009

"Fair" play

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, June 07, 2009
Both Danielle and CT have been great playmates. Whenever CT comes home from work and sees Danielle, she would always give this smile and playful snigger as she excitedly kicks her legs.

Danielle can be rather playful and it is definitely not going into the demure, poised, dignified, lady-like path which I hope she would take. Haha. Oh well..

Besides being playful, she is also VERY fair, which in my dictionary, its WHITE! Both father and daughter alike.

So in a way, my family right now is quite balanced as Caleb takes after me for being dark-skinned, 'drama', emotional, active etc while Danielle takes after daddy for being WHITE, slightly playful, not as emotional, sweats excessively. Therefore, I tell CT that 2 is enough since it is already balanced and I have no idea how to manage more children.


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