Friday, June 12, 2009

"Playing with meimei" mood

Posted by Dawn at Friday, June 12, 2009
Caleb has mood swings.

There are times when you ask him if he wants to hold meimei, he would say no. Or if you place meimei on his lap, he would push her away.

But there are times when he wants to do it and if you take meimei away from him, he would start kicking up a big fuss.

So today is the day where he is in the mood to play with meimei and carry her.

First, they play on the platform. Ooo I love my platform (balcony area) as its really a kids play area for them.

Then he would also climb on meimei's back and lean on her.

I would always fear this part as Meimei may not be able to take Caleb's weight. So I would tell Caleb to be gentle. Funny thing is that Meimei doesnt protest. In fact, she seems to like korkor lying on her and putting his head on her.

Then Caleb tries to carry meimei.

Caleb is actually quite strong since young. So he could carry her up slightly from the ground.

This following video was taken the next day. Its quite sweet when you can see Caleb patting meimei. Both of them really seem to enjoy each other.

I am sure these two will enjoy watching such videos when they grow up. Cant wait to show it to them next time.


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