Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whose birthday?

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, June 18, 2009
Today was yet another birthday celebration for me. Yes, my birthday celebration seems to go on and on..I like that!

First, it was my mum cooking a simple meal for me at home, then went over to my mum-in-law's place for cake cutting, then my colleagues celebrated for me and finally today, went to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant for a proper birthday dinner! Actually, all along, I intended to go Jumbo but my dad was still in hospital. So we wanted to wait. However, my dad decided to tell us to go ahead as he wasnt sure when he would be discharged from hospital and most likely, it would be in July. So, because I have the Jumbo membership card, I have special privileges if I celebrate my birthday on the same month.

So we went ahead without my dad.

First, I went to my mum's house so that we can all go together. The cousins- Janine and Caleb went to the roof top garden to swing and they looked like they enjoyed themselves.

We had dinner at the Golf Course, which was a much better environment than East Coast Park as its less crowded, service is better and its more relaxing.

I brought my list (with all the food I want to order) to the restaurant so that I can save time to think what I want to eat. So when we sat down, I immediately placed my order. Yep..I tend to be find the menu online first or recommendations from blogs or food reviews before I go to the restaurant so that I will order nice dishes and it saves lots of time.

I ordered fried yu tiao (dough fritters with seafood paste) because its my brother's favourite and I know CT will also like.

Then spinach beancurd with mushrooms which the kids can also eat

Deep Fried baby squid as it was recommended by the website

Stir fried brocolli with scallops, salted fish fried rice as well as 2 Sri Lankan Chilli Crabs with steam and fried buns (mantou)

Didnt want to order too much as I was given a complimentary mango mousse birthday cake by Jumbo.

And as expected, when the cake arrive, the 2 kids got excited and couldnt wait to blow the candles. So I faced the cake at them and acted as if it was their birthday. Just to make them happy.

Both Caleb and Danielle had a taste of the cake.

After dinner, as we were walking to the carpark, Caleb was actually holding Janine's hands. It was very sweet as Caleb doesnt anyhow let people hold his hands.

I do pray Caleb and Janine will get along well with each other and continue to love and enjoy each other's company.


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