Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She makes my day...

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, June 23, 2009
There are times when Vicky would be busy with housework and I would end up taking care of my 2 kids all by myself. Caleb is easier to take care as once you switch on the TV and play Hi-5, he is satisfied and can sit on the sofa throughout the whole show.

But as for Danielle, it gets tricky because she cant walk and she is heavy! So though she likes Hi-5 too, her attention span is not good. So after 2 - 5 mins, she makes noise. So I have to figure out what else to amuse her. I usually place her on her high chair as I push her around in it. So there are times when I want to do stuff on my computer, I would push her beside me and give her some toys to chew as she loves to bite on anything and everything, including grabbing Caleb's toes to suck. (Yep, it happened before)

Anyway, here's Danielle making my day by smiling at me.

No teeth yet at almost 7 months.

She would give the same sweet smile to CT when he comes back from work.

I really think that having kids does give me added strength and motivation to work because all the hard work seems worth it when you just see that kind of smile! *sigh of contentment*


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