Monday, June 15, 2009

Fruitful morning!

Posted by Dawn at Monday, June 15, 2009
I recently went to a place which I deemed the place, a competitor to Hort Park(shortened term for Horticulture Park).

To most people, Hort Park was known as 'Hot' Park because of how the place is so open that there isnt much shade. So its literally HOT. Well, I have found a competitor to this park, and that is "Sengkang Riverside Park". This park is not officially opened yet ( I think...judging from the surroundings), but some have been using it as a jogging track already. Its a hot place to be in as the trees are still at its infancy stage.

I parked the car along the flyover bridge which was quite ulu (deserted) and walked over to the park through the Sengkang Sports Complex.

Stopped for brekkie there, at the Macdonalds where I bought a Happy Meal for Caleb and myself to share.

Caleb was busy playing with his "Monster Vs Alien" Toy which came with the Happy Meal.

As we were walking to the park, there was some construction going on and realised that they were constructing a bridge to the first man-made floating island which has a fruit-themed. So there would be exotic fruit trees like mangosteen. Check out this website!

So here's the progress so far.

We then crossed the flyover to the park.

As you can see, there is practically no shade at all.

And the floating island is also linked to this park

We then strolled back along the 'ulu' flyover to where I parked my car, under the blazing sun!

Nice scenery though.

Got to choose a better time to come if you like to visit this place.

After that, we drove to Upper Serangoon Salvation Army to donate old items as well as to visit the Family Thrift Store there to search for 'gems'.

My first impression of the place was that the items sold were very old and it didnt look pleasing to my eye. But after really looking deep into the store, I seriously found 'gems'! I actually found a car seat which costs me $20 but after discount (yes, they even had a store-wide discount on top of the "already-greatly-discounted" price!), the car seat costs only $12!!! From a $200 plus new car seat in shops which can last till my kids outgrow them to a $12 old car seat which will still last the same number of years as any new one, I'll go for the $12 anytime!!

Another gem I found was the books section for kids! Most mothers would know how expensive books are, especially those book which hardly have anywords, and it would already costs $6-$10.

Well, I was pretty excited when I discovered classic books which brought back so much childhood memories as those were the books I used to read. It was 'antique'! I am talking about the old ladybird series which I used to have!

But as I was excitedly rummaging all the shelves, I was asking CT if he ever read such classics, and he said, "No". I thought to myself, "oh man. You dont know what you are missing!" The stories are so interesting that I really cant wait to read them to my children!

Finally, these were what I got. (Do these books look familiar to you?)

And I paid only $5 for all these! (Supposed to be $1 per book but after discount, it costs half price)

So if you are interested to visit the Salvation Army Thrift Stores, here is the list of shops all around Singapore.

Happy Browsing!


Sher on Sunday, July 05, 2009 said...

eh some of your old ladybirds are with ME! i have quite a few books which hv u and your bro's name in front! (including a thomas book)

Dawn on Monday, July 06, 2009 said...

haha! no kidding? do you still have it?? I dun mind having it back (for sentimental reasons...)


Dreamycat on Thursday, July 09, 2009 said...

Interesting park. Mand-made island.. wow!
out of curiosity, why doesn't your stroller have a sunshade cover?

Dawn on Thursday, July 09, 2009 said...

Oh dreamycat,the pram was passed down by my friend and the sunshade cover broke or something like that. So it has always been like tat since Caleb was born! ha.

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