Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The more the merrier?

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, June 03, 2009
I really do not know how others can cope with having 2 or more children. I am already exhausted from taking care of 2, even though I have a super helper who is able to vacuum and mop the house twice a week, cook every day for lunch and dinner, wash clothes almost every day, return us back clean and crisp clothes almost instantly, wash the car every week, change the bed sheets every month, alter our clothes if need be, change the elastic of Caleb's shorts to be handed down to Danielle etc etc. What would I do without Vicky?

So when people ask me to have more kids (ya, easy for them to say), I reply them with a firm NO because I cannot imagine having more when I am already tearing my hair out during the day when CT is not around. I dread the days when Vicky vacuum and mop the floor as I will be left with the 2 kids to handle. I would sit boredly with them as both of them can be quite rough and its definitely unsafe leaving them alone.

Feeding them is also a hassle and that is one thing that keeps me from bringing them out as we cant have a proper meal. How I wish restaurants could come out with a service where we can just dump the kids in some play area for the helpers there to take care, just so that parents can eat properly. Actually, there are times when I do wish to set up my own family, kids-friendly restaurant since I love feeding people, love food and a big fan of "Hells Kitchen" (yup, you do learn a thing or two about managing kitchen and restaurants aside from Gordon Ramsey's swearing). But I do not have big enough guts, driving force or capital to do so. Sigh.

So is "the more the merrier" true for me? Well, as I do enjoy their company and watching them smile, it is also not easy bringing them up since both my kids are super active. It will definitely be merrier having more if there are no responsibilities and when we just play with them if we 'feel' like it.

It's how ironical when we dont have kids, we yearn for it and when we have it, there are times when we cant wait to dump them so that we can have some peace.

But I am reminded that in whatever situation we are in, we try to enjoy it and be thankful. So, though it can be a challenge to amuse my kids and spend time with them the whole day, I am still thankful that I have them.


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