Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2nd day in JB

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Woke up catching this view from my bedroom..

Went down for breakfast at about 8 plus am. A few of the kids went up to Caleb and played with him. Andrew even lent Caleb his cap.

After breakfast, it was free and easy for us today. So we went back to the room to rest a while. Here's our one bedroom suite..

For lunch, the rest stayed back in the hotel to eat while I told CT that we should venture out as the hotel food is boring and expensive. So I took the wheel and just drove randomly...something I love doing as its exciting- just like going on an adventure as you do not know what will happen and where we are going. In the end, we ended up at Jusco where we had KFC. I enjoyed the lunch very much as it was so cheap. About S$4 for a KFC meal. Caleb also ate a lot as they served chicken rice with KFC chicken and it also comes with chicken ball soup.

We shopped for an hour before heading back to the hotel. By the time we reached back hotel, it was already about 2 plus-3 pm. Caleb fell asleep till about 4pm and so we didnt go swimming.

Met up with everyone at about 5pm and drove to Danga Bay for sightseeing and dinner. Too bad the weather wasnt good...it was raining. So we all went for early dinner at Grand Straits Garden. I would recommend this place for dinner if you have alot of people eating as its very reasonable and the food is nice! The place is also very clean and huge!

While waiting for the food to come, we were entertained by the decorations and Caleb could also walk or run about given the space.

There's also a live seafood area for the kids/adults to see and learn.

There were quite a number of seafood which I have never seen before. I enjoyed looking at them too!

Here are some of the many dishes which we ordered.

Homemade Bean Curd (Hakka Style)-$30 RM

Kampong Chicken with garlic sauce-$22 RM

Lala shells cooked in a very light, sweet and spicy broth! I kept drinking the 'soup'. - $35 RM

Veggies (quite unique. Have not tried this before. Its nice!)- $40 RM

Yam basket - $40 RM

2 Salted Egg Crabs - $94 RM

The children sat in one table while the adults sat in another table. The kids have their own food. They had Yong Chow fried rice ($10 RM), Seafood Hor Fun ($16 RM), De-shelled Cereal prawns ($32 RM), Brocolli ($14 RM).

Total bill for the 2 tables amounted to $444.40 (RM). As you can see, the price isnt very cheap, compared to other Malaysian food, but because there were 10 adults altogether, we only had to fork out $44 RM per person, which is less S$20 per person which is reasonable considering the amount of dishes we ordered and there was even crabs!

After dinner, the rain stopped and so we dropped by an Danga Bay shopping area to walk around. There was a one storey indoor shopping arcade place and a pasar malam outdoors.

At night, it was the men's fellowship. So what the women did was to gather altogether in one room and let the kids watch cartoons as one of our friends brought their DVD-recordable player which stored alot of the movies in it.

Didnt stay long as Caleb usually sleeps early and I was getting tired too.

When we reached home, I changed Caleb, brushed his teeth and then he automatically climbed into the cot and drank his milk...nitey night!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn

May I know what is the name of the hotel you stayed in Pulai springs, JB?


Dawn on Thursday, February 04, 2010 said...

The Hotel is called Pulai Springs
Here's the website

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