Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Lights in Orchard

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, December 05, 2009
Today, we decided to bring the kids to Orchard to see the Christmas lightings since we thought the crowd will not be as much since its only the beginning of December (the longer we wait to go Orchard, the more crowded it would be). I forgot that no matter which time of the year, Orchard will still be Orchard, crowded with people!

We took the train down and went to Ion Orchard for dinner. It was Fish & Co anniversary promotion where they were selling their popular Fish & Chips of different styles of cooking from all over the world for a very cheap price. I ordered Swiss Fish & Chips, Vicky ordered New York Fish & Chips and CT ordered New Orleans Fish & Chips. They had also Fish & Chips from Thailand, Greece, Spain, philadelphia etc..

Here's what Caleb had- fish with butter rice.

I didnt enjoy the atmosphere in the restaurant as it was so crowded, squeezy and the music was so noisy! I could hardly hear myself talking! I just wanted to eat quickly and get out of the place!

After dinner, I saw "Dunkin Donuts"- a shop which brought back memories from my schooling days. There was a shop in Far East Shopping Centre, just beside KFC and I used to go there with my classmates after school, when I had the time. Its finally back in Singapore and so, I went in to buy a couple of Donuts. Moreover, Caleb likes to eat donuts too!

Too bad when we went out of Ion Orchard, it was drizzling.

So we stayed at the entrance of the shopping centre, just admiring the huge Christmas tree and decorations of Orchard road, under the shelter.

We could actually go into the Christmas tree and this was what we saw inside. So spectacular!!

Caleb kept running out and into the tree again to see the lights! He was excited. I had a hard time catching him!

Danielle was also admiring the lights!

After a while, we decided to walk down the road, still under the shelter of the various shopping centres. Everything was so pretty and colourful!

We then went to Takashimaya to see if Hi-5 was still around as I know they had a performance in the shopping centre at 7pm. But too bad, I was eating then.

As usual, the huge Christmas tree in Taka! Looks like the same old tree every year..But its still nice and WOW!

Hmm, cant get Danielle's eyes off the tree...oh well.

Hi-5 wasnt around anymore. But at least, they were showing videos of Hi-5. So I plonked the kids and Vicky in front of the stage for them to watch the show, while CT and I went shopping nearby!

We then continued our walk down Orchard Road. There was almost no rain, so we walked outside along the road. Here were some interesting things we saw along the way.

Here's a Ferraro Rocher Christmas tree

And many reindeers dressed differently! I loved this as its really very creative and they were also specially done up by designers!

Caleb was exclaiming all along the way. He was enjoying himself!

Then we walked to the new shopping centre, "313 @ Somerset". The building was quite nicely done with lights changing position all over the building. Very modern!

The shopping centre links to the MRT. So we took the train from there back home.

During the train ride, Caleb was busy socialising with people on the train. Caleb would smile at them and they would also amuse him. When they leave the train, Caleb would then look for another playmate to amuse. He was really having fun, smiling and laughing so much with the passengers.

Was glad to be home, away from the crowd!!


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