Sunday, December 20, 2009

Annual Christmas Party

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, December 20, 2009
Every year, my parents would organise a Christmas Party where they would invite relatives and close friends to their house. This year is no exception. I would always wait eagerly for the time when the young ones would gather and play together, as well as indulge in red wine and great food! Not forgetting, the whole load of presents the children gets!

The kids first started off gathering together for a Barbie cartoon! That was an opportune time to get some shots of them TOGETHER!

There's Chey Chey Phoebe and Danielle sitting down side by side as Danielle puts the barbie hand in her mouth...

Baby Joyanne was busy eating in front of the TV. Here's her perpetual puzzled look.

Before indulging in the whole spread of food, my father made a speech talking about the meaning of Christmas and shared about what he was thankful to God for in 2009. He said in English while my mum translated in Cantonese.

Here's a snippet of food pictures which we ate that night. I didnt manage to capture all the food...

We had finger food..which was nicely presented--toothpicks poked into the pineapple.

Then there was prawn and fruit salad prepared by Aunt Rosalind.

as well as baked potatoes with bacon and cheese, steamed cauliflower topped with cream of mushroom, portabello mushrooms, bacon and coriander.

Felt it wasnt a really good idea to put portabello mushrooms as it comes out water when sauteed. So, in the end, the gravy was too watery. So just adding bacon and coriander as toppings is good enough.

As for dessert, we had almond agar agar with longan as well as mango pudding and apple, choc chip crumble. All homemade! So yummy!

There were lots more food like roast beef (which I kept eating!! Probably ate about 4 slices!), as well as pasta, roast turkey, honey baked ham etc etc..

Caleb was having a fun time with his cousins and Godma!

During the later part of the party, me and my cousin decided to give ourselves a challenge by trying to get all the kids to sit down together, look at the camera and smile at the camera. We tried and this was the best we could do...We were delusional in thinking it could work. Anyway, what was important was that WE TRIED..

I really enjoyed the party for its great food and company! Every dish was superb!! Cant wait for Chinese New Year!


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