Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is finally here!

Posted by Dawn at Friday, December 25, 2009
Christmas morning has always been exciting for me since young as I would wait in anticipation to open up my presents. This morning is no different.

Both of my children seemed to sense and know that it was Christmas as they gathered at the tree, rummaging through the presents first thing in the morning. I had to tell them to wait and open after our breakfast first since I know they will take quite a while to open up all those presents.

For breakfast, I made pancakes for the children as they loved it a lot! Caleb had 2 pancakes with syrup and a packet of milo! He finished everything!

So after breakfast, the real fun began as we opened up our presents! Here's what I bought for both of them...

I remembered from past experience that I needed a huge plastic bag to stand by as there will be lots of wrapping paper or boxes to discard.

It was messy,but fun not just for the children but also for the young at heart!

For lunch, we went to the new kang kar mall at Hougang. Its not really a mall since its only made up of a 2-storey NTUC supermarket and a kopitiam food court, but that's what it is called! I had dried kway chup which is really nice!

CT also ordered dessert after our main meal. The food in Kang Kar mall is quite good.

After lunch, the children went back to play with their toys. They had a great time busy playing with them!

Started preparing my dinner for the party at about 4 pm. Here's the outcome of the potato with cheese and bacon dish which I prepared yesterday. I should have brought it to my sis-in-law's place to cook as its much nicer when the cheese is hot and just melted. I was so tempted to eat straightaway.

I also turbo-boiled chicken thighs. Marinated with honey, lemon, salt and pepper.

I also made my own garlic spread to add to the french loaves. Its very easy to make your own spread and its nicer than buy frozen ones from supermarket. I added butter, salt, fresh herbs (chopped parsley) and dried ones, a little olive oil and chopped garlic.

I also prepared steamed cauliflower topped with cream of mushroom, crispy bacon and coriander. Here's the recipe:

1) First you steam the whole cauliflower till its soft throughout. You can use a stick to put through to test.

2) Turn on the stove and put in a can of campbell cream of mushroom. Just add about half cup of water to basically make sure there's no more soup inside the can. You want to ensure that the sauce is not too watery. It should be slightly thicker than your usual mushroom soup. You can add white button mushrooms if you like to the sauce. Try not to add mushrooms that may come out water.

3) Fry chopped streaky bacon till crispy (you can do this way before hand. I actually prepared this the day before, but heat up in the toaster just before you want to eat it)

4) Then you just pour the cream of mushroom gravy over the steamed and cooked cauliflower

5) Garnish with lots of crispy bacon bits as well as coriander!

Very easy, tasty and presentable dish! Great for parties!

There was also mushroom soup for dinner which I bought from Fassler. I love their soups as its cheap and tasty! They even sell lobster bisque, clam chowder, french onion soup etc etc..

Vicky also contributed by preparing her filipino macaroni salad which consists of cream, macaroni, fresh fruits and canned fruits. Very easy to make. I have to say, its an acquired taste. I didnt quite like it the first time she prepared it but I couldnt stop eating now..

Here's what we had for the party with my sister-in-law and family, mum-in-law as well as my family!

My sister-in-law, Ally contributed roast pork which was super yummy! Its bought from Serangoon. Supposed to be famous!

Caleb kept himself entertained by pushing Danielle around in the walker. Guess he would prefer Keelia's company since they are about the same age. Too bad Keelia wasnt around..

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable evening with family! Merry Christmas! How did you spend your Christmas?


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